A chart tells you the difference between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business Number and WhatsApp API Number (Enterprise Number)

WhatsApp is the most downloaded social networking application in the Apple App Store worldwide, with 2.5 billion users worldwide and more than 500 million active users every day. Many people think that WhatsApp is just a piece of software, but it is actually a family with three members, namely WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API.

In terms of the time they were launched, WhatsApp Messenger was the first to be released, mainly for individual users to facilitate daily communication. WhatsApp Business serves small and medium-sized enterprises and meets some business needs. WhatsApp Business API can conduct more business activities on this basis. It can meet the greater needs of enterprises in customer communication and management, and can also send official group messages. It is the best choice for large enterprises.



WhatsApp personal number


WhatsApp personal accounts are for ordinary users, mainly used for chatting, calling, sharing, etc. WhatsApp personal accounts are not allowed to carry out a series of marketing activities, otherwise they may be officially blocked.

Its advantages are that it is simple and easy to use, can communicate with any WhatsApp user in real time, and supports sending in multiple formats such as text, voice, pictures, videos, files, etc.

The disadvantage of WhatsApp personal accounts is that they cannot actively send messages to users and can only passively respond to users' inquiries. They cannot be logged in on multiple devices at the same time, nor can they be integrated with other systems, which is not conducive to team collaboration and data analysis.


WhatsApp Business Number


WhatsApp Business accounts are for small and medium-sized businesses, and are mainly used for business purposes such as communicating with customers, providing services, and displaying products. WhatsApp Business accounts have added some tools that help businesses, such as setting keyword automatic replies, setting labels for customers, and creating business profiles.

The advantage of a business account is that it can be created for free, and some business functions can be added based on a personal account, such as setting a welcome message, quick replies, automatic replies, business directories, etc., which helps to improve the efficiency and quality of interaction with customers.

The disadvantage of WhatsApp Business Number is that it can only respond to users' inquiries within 24 hours, cannot be logged in on multiple devices at the same time, and cannot be integrated with other systems, so it is not suitable for larger enterprises.


WhatsApp Business API Number


WhatsApp Business API is for large and medium-sized enterprises, mainly used to establish long-term relationships with customers, provide personalized services, push template messages, etc. In addition, it also provides interfaces that can be connected to customer relationship management platforms, call centers, customer service dialogue platforms and other businesses, providing enterprises with more flexible options for efficiently reaching users.

Its advantage is that it can proactively send template messages to users, such as order confirmation, shipping notifications, appointment reminders, etc. It can also reply to users’ inquiries more than 24 hours later and log in on multiple devices at the same time. It is the best choice for corporate social media marketing.

The disadvantages of the WhatsApp Business API number are that it requires application and review, a certain fee needs to be paid when using it, and a legal business license and privacy policy are required, etc., so the threshold is relatively high.


Integrate WhatsApp account with SaleSmartly


If a company has multiple WhatsApp accounts , whether personal or work, employees may find it difficult to manage and switch between them. SaleSmartly can solve this problem by allowing employees to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on one platform at the same time without having to log in and out frequently, making it convenient for customer service to view and respond to all messages and calls.

It is very easy to integrate a WhatsApp account in SaleSmartly . Find WhatsApp APP and WhatsApp API in [Integration] and click Connect Now. Then open WhatsApp and scan the QR code to log in.


You can also integrate WhatsApp Business API accounts in SaleSmartly . The official will provide agents to assist users in integration, helping you to access faster!




In layman's terms, WhatsApp Messenger is similar to WeChat in China, suitable for daily chatting and sending ordinary messages and files, and you can communicate without adding friends; WhatsApp Business can also display more corporate information on this basis; and WhatsApp Business API has more business service functions, especially the advantage of group messaging, so it is very popular among companies. Companies with such needs may wish to register and integrate their own WhatsApp accounts according to the above tutorials to better promote and market to customers.

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