AdsPower × SaleSmartly jointly creates social media matrix account operation plan

Author: Sicily Choi

As a powerful fingerprint browser, AdsPower provides enterprises with functions such as multi-advertising account management and IP switching, especially for advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook Click Messenger and WhatsApp. However, customer management and message management of a large number of social accounts including Facebook homepages and WhatsApp accounts have always been a pain point for overseas companies.

In response to these pain points, SaleSmartly can provide all-round help to AdsPower customers. Enterprises can use "AdsPower" to attract users through advertising, and users' consultation and sales affairs can be transferred to a powerful tool - SaleSmartly for processing. Professional advertising customer management, accurate data tracking, and efficient collaboration help overseas enterprises manage a large number of Facebook homepages or WhatsApp accounts, and they can get one-stop help and services from SaleSmartly .

About SaleSmartly

SaleSmartly is an omnichannel customer communication platform that aggregates online chat (livechat), WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Email, and WeChat. It can integrate multiple homepages or workspaces to provide convenience for teams.

SaleSmartly features and gameplay

  • SaleSmartly supports multi-channel and multi-homepage integration, allowing team members to efficiently handle users and fans from different channels or advertising traffic based on assigned tasks or responsibilities.

Team members can share customer information and sales data, and collaborate and communicate through SaleSmartly to achieve aggregated management and multi-homepage chat.

  • Secondly, SaleSmartly 's automated reply function is also one of its highlights. It can respond to users' inquiries and messages in real time. Whether it is a simple FAQ or a complex product query, SaleSmartly can quickly give accurate responses and provide users with instant support and answers.

  • In addition, SaleSmartly 's group messaging function can not only help you send scheduled group messages, but also set up group messaging plans. Use multi-dimensional filtering conditions to accurately identify the target group and carry out appropriate marketing activities. In addition, it can also provide WhatsApp templates and email templates.


Some people may wonder, isn’t it troublesome to integrate multiple account homepage authorizations into SaleSmartly?

In fact, this is not the case. Open the AdsPower browser, click the Automation column, then click [PRA], then select [Template Store], and enter "SaleSmartly" in the search bar to find the SaleSmartly homepage authorization. This function can automatically authorize all Facebook homepages to SaleSmartly .


After years of baptism, SaleSmartly has become a mature sales management tool through continuous innovation and iteration. The omni-channel chat tool helps your sales to rise step by step. More features and gameplay of SaleSmartly are waiting for you to explore together!

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