SaleSmartly officially obtained the Information Security Service Qualification Certification (CCRC)

Author: Sicily Choi

The customer service is also China network security review certification and market supervision big data center) letter China network security review and certification technology and Certification Center Issued information security service qualification certification (CCRC). This achievement indicates that while SaleSmartly provide excellent service for customer service, its data protection and information security have also been recognized by authoritative certification bodies in the industry.



What is CCRC certification

Information security service qualification certification (CCRC)It is an official qualification certificate, which is based on relevant national laws, regulations, national and industry standards, technical specifications, etc., and strictly follows the basic certification specifications and rules. The certification aims to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of institutions providing information security services to ensure that they meet the prescribed standards in key areas such as legal recognition, resource allocation, management quality, and technical capabilities.

Information security service qualification certification is divided into eight certification directions: security integration, security operation and maintenance, risk assessment, emergency response, software security development, disaster backup and recovery, industrial control security, and network security audit.



SaleSmartly's Commitment to Information Security

For SaleSmartly This is not only a certificate, but also a concrete reflection of our commitment to customer security. In the digital age, customers' trust is based on the proper protection of their data. Therefore, all SaleSmartly staff regard this certification as an affirmation of our work and a spur to our future work.

Here, we would like to thank all the customers and partners who support SaleSmartly. We will continue our efforts to ensure that our customers and partners can do business in a safe and reliable environment.



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