Improve efficiency! How to make ChatGPT our personal customer service?

Regardless of the industry, the problem of high customer repetition often becomes a headache for bosses.

However, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, a new tool is gradually becoming popular - ChatGPT.

I believe everyone is familiar with ChatGPT, but how to use it to its greatest advantage?

This is a question that many people are thinking about. Now, SaleSmartly provides you with a solution!

Recently, HelpLook was launched on the SaleSmartly app store . After installation, you can let ChatGPT intelligently answer customer questions for you!

What is HelpLook? HelpLook is a free and fast tool for building a help center/product manual/knowledge base/blog. It provides simple and professional document editing functions and a customizable personalized homepage, and supports document-based AI search and AI customer service. It is now available on the SaleSmartly app store.

How to do it? Here is a tutorial!

1. Install the software

Log in to the SaleSmartly backend, find the third-party tool HelpLook in the app store and click to install it.

2. Get Token

To obtain the Token, you need to go to the HelpLook backend page. After registering on the official website, enter the HelpLook backend, and in " Site Settings" - "Integration ", click Copy to obtain the AI Token.

3. Fill Token

Fill in the obtained Token. At this point, HelpLook is successfully installed.

But if you want ChatGPT to answer customer questions, you need to do one more step: import the questions that customers often ask so that ChatGPT can "have a trace " when answering.

4. Edit FAQ and publish

Enter the HelpLook backend, and under " Content ", you can edit frequently asked questions and answers. After completion, select Publish.

5. Create Success

Now, you have successfully created a " Help Center ". If customers ask related questions, ChatGPT will intelligently answer them based on the content of the Help Center.

In this way, ChatGPT is like a well-trained intelligent robot that works only for you .

ChatGPT's various functions

Of course, SaleSmartly + HelpLook can fully utilize the potential of ChatGPT. For the e-commerce industry , you can:

ChatGPT answers frequently asked questions

Upload documents on frequently asked questions on HelpLook, such as the terms and conditions of a product return policy. When consumers inquire about refunds online, ChatGPT can instantly quote the document to answer them.

ChatGPT as your marketing virtual assistant

After merchants upload relevant information about marketing activities, ChatGPT can automatically quote and answer consumers' questions, such as marketing discount period, related product introduction, etc.

ChatGPT Smart Marketing

Merchants can upload the entire store's products, allowing ChatGPT to learn relevant information and promote them to consumers. When consumers make product requests, such as wanting a mobile phone with better camera functions, ChatGPT can instantly compare all products and recommend the best products in the store.

By creating an intelligent help center, customers can freely search for answers based on their questions. What makes it different from other tools is that in addition to articles related to the question, ChatGPT will also quickly output solutions based on these articles, allowing customers to get answers within a few seconds. At the same time, customers can also seek help from the online support in the lower right corner. AI + manual two-pronged approach can quickly "grasp" customers.

Of course, there are many other ways to play, and everyone is welcome to explore.

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