Creating a Click to WhatsApp Ad: A Complete Guide

Author: Sicily Choi

As the world's leading instant messaging platform, WhatsApp is an effective way for businesses and consumers to connect instantly. Through Facebook's Click to WhatsApp ads, businesses can import potential customers from the public domain directly into WhatsApp conversations, attract users to WhatsApp conversations, form their own private domain pool, and then improve conversion rates through private domain operations.


What is Click to WhatsApp ?

Click to WhatsApp ads are a type of Facebook ad format that links directly to the WhatsApp chat interface. When potential customers see this ad on Facebook or Instagram, they can click a button in the ad to start a WhatsApp conversation with the business, enabling instant communication.


scenes to be used:

Customer Support: When customers have questions about products or services, they can get help instantly through WhatsApp.

Product Promotion: When you launch a new product or offer, customers can click on your ad to immediately ask for more information.

Reservation services: For service-oriented businesses such as gyms and beauty salons, customers can quickly make reservations through advertisements.

Account Registration: When users are interested in an event, they can complete the registration process through WhatsApp.

Real-time feedback: Companies can collect user feedback and suggestions and respond quickly to market changes.


How do I set up Click to WhatsApp?

1. Open a WhatsApp API account

Self-service purchase

Salesmartly now offers a self-service WhatsApp API number purchase service. Users can purchase a set of two numbers at a time for only $12. Each number supports 250 sessions initiated within 24 hours, and a total of 500 merchant-initiated sessions. There is no limit on the number of sessions initiated by users. Currently, purchases can only be made using account balance. If the balance is insufficient, please go to the WhatsApp API recharge page to recharge.


Self-service registration

If you want to register through your personal profile, you can go to SaleSmartly and select "WhatsApp API" under the "Integration" option to register yourself. Click the "Authorize with Facebook" button with a blue border on the page and follow the system prompts to complete the next steps.


Access third-party API number

You can link your WhatsApp API account to SaleSmartly after registering on a third-party platform. The cooperating third-party platforms include YCloud , ChatApp , NxCloud , Itniotech , and Cloud API (Meta official).


Why choose WhatsApp API account instead of business or personal account?

WhatsApp API accounts support automation and integration, allowing businesses to use customized chatbots and CRM systems. Moreover, API accounts can handle a large number of messages and customer interactions, which is suitable for medium and large enterprises and scenarios that require advanced customer support. WhatsApp Business is suitable for small businesses, and personal accounts are mainly used for private communication. They cannot meet large-scale and automated business needs.



2. Link WhatsApp API account to Facebook

  • Go to your Facebook Business Page.
  • Click Settings .
  • Click WhatsApp in the left column .
  • Select your country code and enter your WhatsApp mobile number.
  • Click Continue .
  • A notification will appear stating that your request is pending. If you want to stop the connection, click Cancel Request .


3. Upload Click to WhatsApp ads

(1) Go to the ad creation process in the Ads Manager .

(2) Select interaction as your advertising objective.

(3) Select your campaign budget and click Next .

(4) Under Where conversion occurred , select Messaging app .

(5) In the "Message Apps" section, select WhatsApp .

(6) Under Ad type , select Direct message ad .

(7) For ads using the Engagement objective, in the Accounts section, go to WhatsApp and select the relevant WhatsApp phone number from the drop-down menu.

(8) Select the audience, placement, budget, and schedule, then click Next .

(9) Select the ad format and complete the ad settings.

(10) Click + Create to start the creation process. When finished, click Save and Finish .

(11) Publish advertisements.


How to efficiently handle traffic from Click to WhatsApp ads

Formulate a chat process

In order to ensure that every customer who comes through Click to WhatsApp ads can get an efficient response, you need to design a standardized conversation process in advance. This process starts with the welcome message, gradually and deeply understands the customer's needs, and finally cleverly guides the conversation to every link of the purchase decision. With the help of Salesmartly, all these conversations are automated . Once a customer initiates a consultation with you on WhatsApp, Salesmartly will automatically start the preset conversation process . This not only greatly improves the efficiency of the order, but also makes customer communication easier and more comfortable.



Personalized communication

Deep insights into each customer's unique needs and preferences are key to providing tailored recommendations and solutions. By using the customer's name and the information they provide in the conversation, you can effectively create a personalized communication atmosphere. So when preparing WhatsApp template messages , actively use the variable function to bring more personalized experience. Based on the customer's specific information, dynamically insert relevant content to make each message closely related to the customer's actual situation.



Tracking and analysis

Salesmartly can accurately identify the specific channel sources from which customers enter the conversation . This key function can reveal which advertising channels bring customers with the highest conversion potential. Based on this, companies can fine-tune and optimize advertising strategies to ensure that these advertising budgets are invested in the most profitable channels. In addition, by identifying the customer's initial contact point, companies can better understand the customer's interests and preferences and provide personalized services.



Completing a deal is the beginning of cultivating a long-term relationship. You can use Salesmartly's group messaging function to send product updates, exclusive offers and other related information on a regular basis. Ensure that every customer feels continued attention and value, and build a solid and mutually beneficial long-term customer relationship.

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