Building an efficient customer service system depends on this "exclusive link"

  • Want to track down specific data but have to search through databases for that needle in a haystack?
  • Want to know the effectiveness of a promotion, but can't track it?
  • Want to get personalized reports, but the data is not accurate enough?

In the face of these situations, you only need to rely on an "exclusive link" to break them one by one! Exclusive links refer to a unique link set up by enterprises in order to better obtain certain data. It is generated based on the user's attributes, behaviors or preferences, and is used to track and identify the effects of specific marketing activities, advertising channels or individual promoters, and even to protect the commercial interests of enterprises or customers. By using exclusive links reasonably, enterprises can better conduct marketing analysis and decision-making, improve promotion effects, and establish good cooperative relationships with promotion partners.

Types of exclusive links

1. Discount link: Provide exclusive discounts, promotions or discount codes for specific users.

2. Promotional link: A link used to track specific promotional activities in order to provide corresponding rewards or commissions to the promoter.

3. Personalized links: Provide content or services related to users’ interests based on their personal information or historical behavior.

4. Invite link: used to invite users to join a specific social network, application or platform and receive rewards when they register or make a purchase.

5. Custom links: Links created based on specific needs, which can be used to track specific activities, analyze data, or achieve other specific goals.

The role of setting up a dedicated link

1. Track the promotion effect

After setting up exclusive links, companies can track the effectiveness of different advertising channels, marketing campaigns or individual promoters. By analyzing data such as clicks, conversion rates and sales of exclusive links, customer service can gain in-depth insights into the performance of various promotional activities, evaluate their effectiveness, and optimize marketing strategies.

2. Accurate statistical data

Exclusive links can provide more accurate statistics. Compared with using the same link, by setting up exclusive links for different promotional activities, companies can accurately locate traffic sources and conversions. This helps companies identify the most effective channels and make smarter decisions on budgets and resources.

3. Personalized tracking and reporting

Exclusive links can provide personalized tracking and reporting for different individual promoters or partners. By assigning unique links to each promoter, companies can provide customized tracking and reporting for their promotional activities, making promoters more motivated and engaged, and providing more accurate rewards.

4. Protecting business interests

Exclusive links can help companies protect their business interests. Sometimes companies may cooperate with multiple promotion channels or partners. Setting up exclusive links can ensure that sales and transactions are associated with specific channels or partners.

How to set up a unique link in SaleSmartly

When providing pre-sales or after-sales services to customers, exclusive links can help customer service better track customer behavior data, such as whether the customer has opened the link, whether the customer has made a purchase, etc. This data is very valuable for customer service and market analysis, and can help customer service understand customer needs and optimize service processes, and can also help companies understand market needs and trends.

Find the chat plug-in in [Integration] on the SaleSmartly official website, and you can find the "exclusive link" in the operation. This "exclusive link" can be placed anywhere you want. Just click the link or scan the QR code, and the customer can get in touch with you immediately. Such an exclusive link not only makes it easier for customers to get services, but also helps customer service to follow up on customer service.

After clicking the link, you can immediately reach the call interface with the customer service. The customer service can set up a greeting in advance in SaleSmartly , and when a customer clicks the link, the greeting will be automatically sent.

Subsequent customer service can also use this link to view and analyze some customer data, and continuously improve their products based on the customer's historical purchase records, preferences, interests and other information.


Exclusive links are personalized links that provide customized experiences or services for specific customers or groups. For companies, it is extremely convenient for each channel or each customer to have an exclusive link. Companies can embed this link into various promotional materials, allowing customers to enter the communication page with customer service by entering the link. This not only increases the interactivity between customers and companies, but also stimulates customers' active participation.

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