How to authenticate your business in Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager, or BM for short, literally means Facebook's official business management platform, a management tool for advertiser teams. BM can bind a series of Facebook accounts, such as Facebook public pages and advertising accounts. Through BM, companies can operate and manage all bound accounts in one backend, and share access rights with teams, external partners, etc.

According to Facebook's official description: "Business Manager provides a one-stop service designed to help advertisers place and track ads, manage assets such as homepages and ad accounts, and add resellers or marketing partners to help manage their business."

Some Key Features of Facebook Business Manager

1. Separate Facebook business page and personal page.

2. Permissions can be developed for users from multiple channels.

3. Can track Facebook advertising data and provide detailed reports.


Create a Facebook Business Manager account

Go to the Facebook Business Manager official registration page and fill in the relevant information as required. After filling in the email address, the official will send an email and we need to verify it in the email address.



How to verify your company in Facebook Business Manager

The following content is the official words of Facebook

1. Go to the Security Center of the Business Manager and click Start Verification.

Log in to Facebook Business Manager admin center backend


Note: You may have received notifications to start verification through other platforms such as Meta Ads Manager, Commerce Manager, and App Developer Dashboard.


2. Provide details about your business, including legal name, address, phone number, and website.

Note: Make sure the details you submit exactly match the details of your company's legal entity. Also, make sure your company's website loads properly and is HTTPS compliant.

Then Facebook will ask you to choose a region, and the specific documents required for each region will also vary.



3. Verify company details.


If Facebook doesn't find a matching record, you'll need to upload supporting documents, such as a business license or articles of incorporation, to verify the details you provided.


4. Select the method to verify the association.


If you choose Email, Phone, SMS, or WhatsApp, Facebook will send you a verification code. To choose Domain Verification, follow these steps.

  • Email (Your company email domain name must be consistent with your website domain name.)
  • cell phone
  • Short message
  • WhatsApp Message
  • Domain verification (You must have administrator rights to your site's web host or DNS provider.)


5. Click Finish.



It is very simple to verify your company on Facebook Business Manager. You only need to provide your company information and then verify it. After submission, a message will appear: "Thank you for submitting your company verification information. We will review your submission and notify you when the review is completed." Generally, Facebook's official review takes about a week, and the review information will be synchronized to you in the Facebook BM background.

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