Increase engagement: Start efficient sales conversations through Facebook interactive ads

Author: Sicily Choi

Compared with traditional ads, Facebook interactive ads add more customer engagement elements, and the core is to encourage users to continue to open the app and perform valuable actions. This form of advertising uses the platform's strong user base and accurate data analysis capabilities to provide brands with an opportunity to interact directly with their target audience. In this article, we will explore the different types of Facebook interactive ads and how to effectively use these tools to increase user engagement.


The concept of Facebook app ads

User engagement is a key metric in mobile apps. Facebook app engagement ads allow brands to directly target users who have downloaded and installed your app. These ads are designed to encourage users to not only keep the app on their device, but to actively open and interact within the app.

Facebook app ads have two main goals: one is to encourage users to re-engage in the app, and the other is to guide them to complete specific actions , such as likes, comments, private messages, etc. In this way, not only the frequency of app use is increased, but also the depth of user participation is increased.


App advertising through traffic objectives

Traffic-targeted app ads focus on re-engaging users who already have your app installed. By leveraging Facebook’s advertising algorithm, these ads are optimized to reach the user groups most likely to re-open the app. This approach is particularly useful for brands that want to increase activity among existing users.

For example, a news app might use traffic-targeted ads to remind users to check out the latest news reports or breaking events. The ad content might include an attractive headline or urgent news summary, encouraging users to click on the ad and jump directly to the relevant content in the app. Such a strategy not only increases user engagement, but also ensures that the app remains relevant and valuable in the user's daily life.


App advertising with the engagement objective

Engagement targeted app ads are designed to encourage users to perform specific actions within the app and increase usage of specific features. These ads precisely target users who have already installed the app and encourage them to complete actions such as purchases, order placements, or in-game achievements.

For example, in a food delivery app, engagement targeted ads can be used to entice users to open the app and place an order. Ads may showcase specific promotions or highlight the convenient ordering process to spark user interest. For gaming apps, such ads may incentivize players to try new levels or participate in special events. In this way, engagement targeted ads not only increase user activity, but also help improve app retention and revenue.



How to create app engagement ads

1. Go to Meta Ads Manager and click + Create .


2. Select one of the following advertising objectives and click Continue .

Traffic: Attract more users to open your app.

Engagement: Encourage users to take specific actions in your app.


3. Complete the Campaign Details, A/B Testing, and Enablement Campaign Budget Optimization sections as needed, then click Next .


4. Select the app as the location where the conversion occurs:

  • Messaging apps
  • Your Advertisement
  • call
  • website
  • application
  • Facebook Page


5. Go to Apps and select the app you want your ad to direct people to.
Note: If you can't find your app in the drop-down menu, it may be because the app is not set up correctly on Meta Developer. Visit Meta Developer to learn how to set up Android apps and iOS apps .


6. Complete the Budget and Scheduling, Audience, and Placements sections, then click Next.
Note: To create a mobile app engagement ad in Messenger , make sure the Advanced enablement placement is selected by default . To manually select Facebook Feed and Messenger placements, click Show more options in the Placements section , then click Edit.


7. Complete the Ad Settings, Ad Creative, Location Targeting, Languages, and Tracking sections.


8. Click Publish .


How to use the traffic from Facebook interactive ads to launch efficient sales

Precise positioning

Use Facebook's detailed user data to target groups of users most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Attract attention

Design visually appealing ads with clear messaging to ensure they stand out in users’ feeds.

Encourage interaction

Improve user engagement and enhance user memory of the brand through interactive elements (such as questionnaires, competitions, voting, etc.).

Providing Value

Make sure your ads convey a unique value proposition that gives users a reason to take action immediately.

Streamline the process

Optimize the landing page and purchase process to reduce the steps for customers to actually purchase.

Quick response

Use SaleSmartly to preset a series of conversation scripts such as welcome messages and introductory messages to automatically respond to inquiries and feedback from potential customers.

Tracking and analysis

Use Facebook to track ad performance and adjust strategies in a timely manner to improve ROI. Based on the collected data and user feedback, continuously optimize ad content and interaction methods to achieve the best results.


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