Facebook Live Guide: How to Easily Control Comments

Facebook Live is excellent for boosting interaction, expanding influence, reporting in real-time, creating content, and seizing business opportunities. It's a channel worth exploring for businesses promoting products or individual bloggers looking to increase popularity.

But when you start live streaming, you might face these scenarios: Wanting to gain more popularity and better promotion through Facebook Live but not sure how to leverage the live traffic? Worried about uncivil content or competitors disrupting the comment environment during the stream? That's when it's crucial to learn how to control comments with tools.


How to Use Facebook Live

  1. On PC: Log in to the Meta Business Suite homepage and click 'Start Live Video'.

    • Note: The live feature is only available for public pages and personal pages in professional mode.

    On Mobile: Tap 'Share Something' at the top of your feed, then touch 'Live Video'.

  2. You can use your computer's camera or connect to streaming software. For software use, refer to the official help center tutorials.

    • Then, on the right side of the page, you can share the live stream to your page to get more attention.


  1. Settings to Enable During Live

    • Who Can Comment: Decide if everyone can comment or only fans.
    • Comment Slowdown: Users must wait 10 seconds before posting another comment.
    • Commenter Account Age Limit: Only users with accounts at least two weeks old can comment.
    • Comment Protection: Users must follow you for at least 15 minutes before they can comment. Note: This setting is only for mobile devices.
    • Live Delay: Set to low delay if you need to interact with viewers.
    • Playback Feature: Allow viewers to replay the video.
    • Block Comments with Links: Hide comments containing links.
  2. Interactive Features in Facebook Live

    • Smart Chat Assistant
    • Polls
    • Q&A
    • Conversation Starters


How to Control Comments in Facebook Live

  1. Go to the Facebook Live management tool and find the control panel.

  2. Set up Comment Moderation

    • Community Managers
    • Banned Keywords: Up to 1000 can be set.
    • Users Who Can't Comment
    • Profanity Filter: Medium or Strong levels.
  3. Use SaleSmartly for comment control

Since official keyword data is limited and inflexible, use the Meta-certified tool SaleSmartly for more control. In SaleSmartly, you can not only block messages but also extract related keywords for further action. For instance, if a user mentions "interested," the system automatically sends a pre-set message to them in private.


First, authorize your Facebook post comments channel on the SaleSmartly homepage. Find the Facebook post comments channel in automation, go to the visitor message trigger, select 'Fuzzy Match' (meaning any message containing the keyword triggers an action), and then enter keywords or import directly.


Choose how to handle Facebook comments: like, hide, or delete. If needed, you can also send automatic private messages to commenters, taking further steps in community management and maintenance.

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