Facebook Messenger Link Sharing: How to Create Links and Set Up Automated Content

A Facebook Messenger link is a conversation link created based on a Facebook username. Users can copy this link in the settings section of their Facebook page to share. Then paste the link directly into an independent website, email, business card, or social media, so that the target audience can enter the conversation with one click. In order to meet the needs of some businesses, Facebook also allows users to customize their own Messenger links, so businesses can choose a short link that is easy to remember and recognize, further enhancing brand recognition.


Types and formats of Facebook Messenger links


m.me link

The format of the Facebook Messenger link is: http://m.me/username or brand page name (must be a public page user)


For example, the Facebook Messenger link for SaleSmartly, an omnichannel customer communication platform, is “ http://m.me/salesmartlychat .” Clicking this link will redirect users to a Messenger conversation window with the brand, allowing them to communicate on the web version even if they don’t have the Facebook Messenger app installed.


If you want to send a preset message directly, you can add the text parameter in the link.

The format is: http://m.me/username or brand page name? text=the content of the message you want to send


Of course, the prerequisite is to make sure that you and the other party have registered Facebook Messenger accounts. You don’t need the app but you must have an account to proceed.


Messenger QR Code

Users can scan this QR code to start a conversation with a specific Facebook page. Users can find a QR code generation website on the Internet and then connect the m.me link above to it.


Group Chat Link

Open the Messenger app or website on your phone or computer , go to the group chat you want to share, and find the "Share Group" or "Invite Link" option.

The system will display a group chat link. Click Copy to copy the generated link and send it to others.


Messenger Rooms Links

In Messenger, click the "Call" or "Create Room" button. After creating a room, click the "Share Link" or "Invite" option. The system will provide a link that can be sent to others through Messenger, email, or other methods. After the other party clicks the link, they can join the created Messenger Rooms video call, and companies can conduct video conferences with customers directly through Facebook.



Use cases for Facebook Messenger links


Share content with friends

Quickly start a conversation with friends using direct message links, or share life's highlights and interests with group links.


Business Use: Customer Service and Marketing

Merchants can create direct message links and embed them into websites, advertisements, and social media account homepages to facilitate customer consultation; group links are used to build brand communities and increase customer engagement.


Team communication tools

Some institutions and organizations can promote collaborative communication among team members through group links, and Messenger Rooms links support online classes and remote meetings.


Internet Conference

Through Messenger Rooms links, organizers can easily invite participants to join online events such as seminars, workshops, etc., improving the accessibility and participation rate of the events.


Setting up automation in Facebook Messenger link


Although Facebook Messenger links can be used to contact others very conveniently, their functions are relatively simple and can only be done manually, so the efficiency is relatively low. If you want to set up automation in the link, you can log in to SaleSmartly and find [Automation Process]-Messenger Channel. Click on the exclusive ref in the messenger address. Then put this ref in the link.

The format is: http://m.me/username or brand page name?ref=xxxxxxxxxx


As shown below, find the exclusive parameters in [Trigger] and set the automatic reply information. Here you can add [Hyperlink Button] and [Process Jump Button]

Hyperlink button: Click this button to automatically jump to the corresponding link

Process button: Click to trigger the corresponding process. For example, pressing the manual customer service button in the figure can automatically assign customer service. In addition, you can also perform functions such as sending messages, sending emails, adding tags, delaying waiting, and transferring external requests.



common problem


How to track Facebook Messenger link clicks and conversions?

Adding UTM parameters to your links can help you track source, medium, and campaign in analytics tools. If you use a Messenger Bot, you can also track user behavior and conversions through the Bot’s conversation flow.


How do I make sure my Facebook Messenger links work on all devices?

Make sure your links are HTTPS and properly encoded before sending. If your links are used to trigger in-app actions, make sure you have set up deep links and intent filters correctly.

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