The most complete tutorial on IG automatic reply is here! Multiple ways to teach you how to set it up

Auto-reply is a common feature that automatically sends a user-preset reply message when a message or request is received. This feature is most useful when the user is unable to respond in time. Auto-reply has been applied to various social media channels, both in personal and business fields, to provide better communication and customer service experience.

Instagram (IG for short) is one of the most popular social media overseas. Many personal bloggers and businesses will promote and market on it. This article will talk about how to set up automatic replies on the IG channel.


Why set up IG auto-reply

  1. You can also reply to customer messages in time during offline time and stay active
  2. Quickly process basic information to reduce the workload of manual customer service
  3. Timely responses can improve customer experience and increase user satisfaction
  4. Increase the frequency of conversations and increase user interaction and participation


How to set up auto reply on IG

The following methods all require you to set up IG as a business account first. The steps are as follows:

  • PC

Open the official website of Instagram , click [More] to enter [Settings], and click "Switch to Professional Account".


  • Mobile

1. Find your account profile and click the "hamburger" icon in the upper right corner of your profile.

2. Click Settings > Account

3. Click on the blue text "Get a free professional account" below.


1. Set up in the background of IG computer (only five keywords can be set)

1. Log in to Meta Business Suite: One-stop management of Facebook and Instagram business | Meta for Business

2. Associate the IG account you want to manage

3. Find [Instant Reply] in the automatic rules


4. Edit the automatic reply information according to business needs


2. Set up on the IG App (only point-to-point replies)

  1. Find [Settings and Privacy] on the home page
  2. Find the "Saved replies" in the "Creator Tools"
  3. Just use the shortcut words and replies based on the content



3. Set up AI auto-reply in SaleSmartly

As a Meta-certified Business Partner, SaleSmartly can directly help us implement multiple forms of automatic replies on Instagram. Compared with the official one that can only be triggered by keywords, SaleSmartly has added AI algorithms. As long as the user mentions similar content, the answer can be triggered.

Find [Robot] - [Automated Process] in the system. This function can customize various operations according to customer behavior. It has a lot of room for development and is suitable for different service needs of enterprises. For specific gameplay, please see the picture below:


The information automatically replied by SaleSmartly will be summarized in the conversation of [Online Chat]. If you need to check the effect or switch to manual reply, you can find it here.



There are many ways to set up auto-replies on IG. If you are a personal blogger, it is recommended to set it up directly on the official website. However, if you go to a business, it is recommended to start using the officially certified SaleSmartly . Because the official settings are still at a relatively basic level and it is difficult to meet the diverse marketing needs of businesses, you can choose according to your business details.

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