Instagram influencer economy is booming! How to seize this traffic

According to data, the size of the influencer marketing market has grown from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $16.4 billion in 2022 in just five years, with a cumulative growth rate of more than 712%. In the future, experts predict that the market is expected to grow further and will exceed $21 billion in 2023. This amazing growth trend stems from the rapid development of social media and the rise of the influencer economy. Brands can cooperate with influencers and use their influence and large fan base to promote their products and services.

It can be said that influencer marketing has evolved into a complex ecosystem consisting of brands, MCN agencies, influencers and consumers, and has, to some extent, redefined the nature of marketing and advertising in today's social media era. In this context, it has become a trend for brands to seek influencers for marketing promotion, and the platform that best reflects the development of influencer marketing is Instagram. Today, let's talk about how Instagram has taken over half of the overseas influencer economy, and how companies can grasp this resource to promote marketing.

Reasons for the Instagram influencer economy

1. Large user base

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the market, with 2 billion monthly active users. With this large user base, the influence of influencers on the platform cannot be ignored. They have a large number of followers and can attract users' attention and participation through beautiful pictures and video content. Brands can cooperate with these influencers and use their influence and fan base to convey brand information to more users.

2. Various forms

Compared with traditional advertising, Instagram influencer promotion is more authentic and interesting, and can better establish emotional connections with users, increasing brand awareness and loyalty. The content creation ability of Instagram influencers is the key to brand marketing. They are good at showing the characteristics and advantages of brands through carefully planned pictures and video content. Brands can use the creativity and influence of influencers to present brand information in a more vivid and interesting way, thereby increasing brand awareness and recognition.

3. High interactive ability

Instagram influencers are also very good at interacting with fans. They are able to establish close interactive relationships with fans, respond to fans' comments and questions, and repost fans' limited-time dynamics. Brands can work with Instagram influencers to interact with fans, answer their questions, and address their concerns, thereby increasing user engagement and loyalty. By interacting with influencers, brands can establish a more intimate and trusting relationship, improving brand reputation and user experience.

4. Multiple ways of cooperation

Brand cooperation methods for Instagram influencers are also constantly innovating. In addition to traditional sponsorship cooperation, brands can also cooperate with Instagram influencers for a long time to jointly promote brand image and products. Through long-term cooperation with influencers, brands can establish a stable brand image and reputation, and at the same time grow and develop together with influencers. Long-term cooperation can help brands and influencers establish a deeper cooperative relationship and jointly explore more business opportunities and innovative methods.

How to collaborate with influencers

1. Preliminary research

  • What is your target audience?
  • What age group is the target audience?
  • Do they use Instagram?
  • What are their interests and hobbies?

Through the above questions, you can roughly understand whether your product is suitable for advertising on Instagram. Because Instagram's audience is mostly young people, if your audience is middle-aged and elderly, it may not be suitable for marketing on this platform. In addition, we can directly search for product core words on Instagram and observe the number of fans, likes and comments of the top-ranked accounts to determine whether the brand is suitable for marketing activities on Instagram. This is the best way to understand the size of product traffic.

2. Find the right influencer

There are many ways to find influencers. After all, the most common ones are to use some special influencer resource websites, Google search, etc. Sometimes you can also find them through recommendations on other social platforms. Brands can search for relevant keywords and topics on Instagram to find Instagram influencer accounts related to their products and target audiences.

After finding a group of suitable influencers through the above methods, we can start to select them, mainly based on the following dimensions: number of fans, interaction volume, match between the audience and the brand's target audience, the vertical field of the influencer, past cooperation cases, price and budget.

3. Collaboration

After finding the target influencer, we can communicate with the person in charge through the contact information provided on the resource platform or the influencer's homepage. Align the advertising methods to be placed, such as limited-time dynamics, posting or reels, etc. Different methods also correspond to different advertising prices. Determine the format and salary, and sign the contract, which means that the cooperation has been achieved.

How to perform maintenance in the future

1. Aggregate Instagram accounts

Usually, overseas companies have multiple Instagram accounts, so first we need to learn how to aggregate these accounts so that we can manage them in a unified way. At this time, we need to use professional gathering tools, such as SaleSmartly . Use the software to aggregate all account information, so that we don’t have to switch accounts crazily when we manage customer information later.

2. Respond to customers promptly

After seeing the relevant marketing on the Internet celebrity side, interested customers will be attracted to your homepage and ask some questions related to the product. This is when customers are most interested in our products, so it is necessary to reply to customers in a timely manner, so as to grasp the best marketing opportunity.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a platform that can aggregate all information. In SaleSmartly [Online Chat], you can easily view the information of all relevant accounts. There is also information about each social media account next to the chat box, which helps us easily distinguish customers from different channels.

3. AI automated responses

Enterprises only need to add common questions and answers to the "AI corpus" in SaleSmartly . When a customer asks these questions on Instagram, SaleSmartly can automatically find keywords in the FAQ document and use AI to integrate an answer to feedback to the customer, greatly reducing the workload of manual customer service.


In today's world where the influence of influencers is prevalent, learning to use the influence of influencers to promote brands is a very important form of marketing. Enterprises must seize this opportunity, take over the traffic brought by these influencers, firmly grasp it, and carry out subsequent marketing activities in a timely manner, so as to achieve high conversion and become the winner of the influencer economy.

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