You only need to learn these features to use Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop is an e-commerce shopping platform under Instagram. Users can browse recommended products and brands on Instagram and learn about and purchase new products without leaving the app. It is a very convenient shopping channel for users who often use Instagram. Faced with this new channel, how should we play with it? This article will start with several popular ways to play Instagram Shop, tell you the common functions of the platform, and how to use these functions to enhance marketing.

If you want to register Instagram Shop, you can refer to this article: How to open Instagram Shop and operate and maintain it (


1. Product labeling

You can add product links directly in posts/snaps. When customers see posts/snaps, they can immediately click and jump to the purchase link without having to search for it again, which reduces the steps customers need to take when purchasing and increases the chances of customers purchasing.


(1) Add new posts/dynamics

(2) Click to mark the product

(3) Search for products and select

(4) Post stickers/dynamics


2. Instagram Story Collection

Because Instagram Stories only exist for 24 hours, if you want to keep some Instagram Stories with good quality and data, you can put them in a collection. The name and number of the collection are customizable, and we can classify them according to the different content of each Instagram Story. In this way, customers can view the previous limited-time dynamic content, ensuring long-term exposure of the product.


3. Use hashtags (#hashtag)

Like Xiaohongshu in China, Instagram is also very popular with tags, and many users will view posts directly in the tags. Therefore, when we post posts, we try to find as many tags as possible that fit the product and target market, which will help increase the exposure of the post.


4. Hide the number of likes

Many users over-pursue the number of likes when posting on Instagram, because they will inevitably have a comparison mentality when seeing the number of likes of others. However, the number of likes is one of the sources of consumer confidence. If the number of likes of a post is too small, it may affect consumers' willingness to buy, so Instagram has launched a thoughtful feature that can hide the number of likes of a post.

Just click on advanced settings when posting to find the hidden entrance.



5. Instagram guides

Instagram recently launched a feature called "Guides", which is mainly to provide users with a clearer and more convenient way to manage posts. Users can sort and categorize posts in chronological order to manage their accounts more easily. Just find the book-like icon in the tool list on your personal homepage. Click on the icon to enter the guide page, which will display the cover image, title, number of posts, introduction and other information of the post.



6. Automatically reply to private messages/messages

If you can’t keep up with Instagram messages all the time, you can use SaleSmartly to automatically reply to your customers’ questions. When customers ask relevant questions, SaleSmartly can help you reply directly.

The steps to enable it are as follows:

(1) Find [Automated Process] in SaleSmartly , click Create Process, and select Instagram and Instagram Post Comments.


(2) Add triggers to find [Visitor Send Message] and [Visitor Intent Recognition (AI)] in customer behavior

【Visitors send messages】: You can choose to trigger based on keywords, pictures, links or any messages. You can also set whether to trigger only when the message is included or when it is completely consistent. You can also choose to trigger only once within 24 hours, only once per visitor, or unlimited.

【Visitor Intent Recognition (AI)】: Users can set questions/descriptions in advance. In actual conversations, if users send similar messages, the AI model will automatically recognize them and automatically answer the preset answers. This usage is smarter than 【Visitor Message】. Users do not need to enter all keywords. The system can recognize relevant information by itself.


(3) Select the associated Instagram account, turn on the activation status, and click OK to successfully create it.



Instagram Shop allows customers to purchase products more conveniently and share their shopping experience with family and friends. It also provides an effective promotion and sales channel for brands and businesses. The above 6 ways to play include the main functions of Instagram. Combining these functions with creative marketing can easily make Instagram Shop a success.

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