+1 for the integrated channel! You can consult on WeChat without adding friends

As a one-stop intelligent customer service tool, SaleSmartly has currently connected to the world's mainstream social media channels, making it possible to manage countless social media chat accounts with just one platform.

Recently, after the day and night efforts of the technical and product guys, SaleSmartly successfully integrated WeChat customer service !

What is WeChat Customer Service?

In July 2021, WeChat updated a new feature - WeChat Customer Service.

To be precise, WeChat customer service is not a new feature, it is more like a capability for B-end brand merchants. C-end WeChat users can use this capability to better find merchants, answer questions, and handle after-sales.

Its official introduction is as follows: "WeChat customer service can be connected in various scenarios inside and outside WeChat to provide a consistent consulting experience. Enterprises can reply to messages through the API interface and provide good customer service."

In other words, by connecting to WeChat customer service, your customers will set up entrances in the WeChat ecosystem and other places other than WeChat. Through this entrance, customers can communicate with you directly through WeChat.

What are the benefits of using WeChat customer service at SaleSmartly ?

1. Reduce customer churn

WeChat customer service is directly on WeChat. After clicking, users will be directly redirected to the WeChat chat interface without even adding friends. This way, users do not need to repeatedly jump between multiple apps when consulting questions, reducing customer churn.

2. More marketing opportunities within 48 hours

Within 48 hours after a company initiates a customer service inquiry, customer service has five opportunities to proactively respond. Everyone should seize these opportunities to reach customers and conduct marketing conversions, such as conducting secondary marketing during follow-up, sending content that customers may be interested in, increasing communication and interaction with customers, and helping subsequent conversions.

3. Different consultation diversion

As mentioned above, in addition to supporting internal ecological access in public account menus, video accounts, mini-programs, etc., WeChat customer service also supports access outside of WeChat (such as apps, web pages, etc.).

I believe that many sellers will deploy multiple platforms and channels when attracting traffic. With WeChat customer service, you can set up WeChat consultation entrances for different products and platforms.

At the same time, you can also connect to multiple sub-accounts and have different applications received and managed by different accounts. In this way, different channels and applications can be received by different customer service staff, which can divert customer service inquiries and improve processing efficiency.

How to integrate WeChat customer service into SaleSmartly ?

1. Authorization

In [Channel Integration] - [WeChat Customer Service], click "Authorize an existing WeChat account".

Note: You need to have a WeChat account first.

2. Scan the QR code for authentication

After clicking the authorization button, the WeChat Enterprise QR code scanning page will open. Please open the WeChat Enterprise APP to scan the QR code for authorization (please be sure to use WeChat Enterprise- Super Administrator identity to scan the QR code).

3. Click the "Agree Authorization" button

After scanning the QR code successfully, you will be redirected to the WeChat authorization page. You need to click the "Agree to Authorization" button and wait for 3 seconds before being redirected back to the SaleSmartly system page. At this point, you have successfully integrated WeChat customer service into SaleSmartly .

After the authorization is completed, you can see that a new customer service account has been automatically created in the background. You can modify, use or delete the account according to your needs.

Q: Can I test the chat to see how it works?

Of course you can! To test the chat and see the effect, remember to enable the customer service account first, then click "Get Link" to get the chat link/QR code of the customer service account. Use WeChat APP to scan the code to initiate a chat test as a visitor.
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