SaleSmartly won ISO/IEC 27701 privacy information management system certification

Author: Sicily Choi

Recently,SaleSmartlyHas officially passed the third-party certification authority approved by the "China national certification and accreditation Supervision and Administration Commission"China Security CertificationGet ISO/IEC 27701Privacy information management system authentication. This achievement marks that SaleSmartly has reached a new milestone in global privacy protection standards and shows our respect for customers' privacy.


The importance of ISO/IEC 27701 certification

ISO/IEC 27701The standard is the highest standard of the internationally recognized privacy information management system. It provides a set of clear guiding principles and requirements for organizations dealing with personal data. Through this certification, it can be seen that SaleSmartly strictly abide by global data protection regulations, including the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and privacy laws of other countries.

Obtaining ISO/IEC 27701 certification not only proves our emphasis on customer privacy, but also provides a more stable and reliable framework for our business operations. It has further consolidated customers' trust in SaleSmartly and ensured that they can safely put personal information on our platform.


SaleSmartly future commitments

Obtaining ISO/IEC 27701 certification is only a milestone in SaleSmartly's long-term commitment to privacy protection. In the future, our privacy information management system will be continuously optimized to ensure that it can adapt to the changing technical environment and regulatory requirements.

At the same time, regular internal reviews and risk assessments will be conducted to ensure that our privacy measures are always at the best in the industry and that our privacy practices can meet the expectations and needs of all customers.

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