Master WhatsApp phone number quality score: increase message reachability

WhatsApp number quality score is used to measure the health of the user's mobile phone number interaction with the platform, ensuring the compliance and security of user communications. In the actual application of WhatsApp number quality score, this score will affect the reachability of user message sending. A high-quality score means that the user's account is considered trustworthy and the messages sent by it are not likely to be marked as spam or automatically filtered. At the same time, accounts with low quality scores may be restricted.


WhatsApp phone number quality rating icon


Find the quality rating under the Phone Number tab in the Meta WhatsApp Manager

  • Green: High quality
  • Yellow: Medium quality
  • Red: Low quality


If the quality score of your WhatsApp number drops or the status of your number changes, you will receive an email warning from the system and see a notification on the Business Manager platform. Then it will be officially marked as "flagged" or "restricted".


  • Flagged: indicates a poor quality score, and you cannot increase your message sending limit. If the message quality improves to "High Quality" or "Medium Quality" within seven days after the status changes to "Flagged", the status will be restored to normal connection. If the score does not improve, the status will be restored to normal connection, but you will be assigned a lower message sending limit.


  • Restricted: This means that you have reached the upper limit for sending messages . You will not be able to send any notification messages in the next 24 hours. However, you can still reply to messages from customers.



How to improve WhatsApp account rating


  • Check if any WhatsApp message templates have been added in the past 7 days . You can find the template in question .


  • Make sure your notifications comply with WhatsApp's policies .


  • Evaluate whether recent theme themes require users to opt in. For example, if you only require users to opt in to receive purchase receipts, but use the API for account updates, customers may respond negatively because they did not opt in to receive this particular communication.




How to ensure good WhatsApp phone number quality registration


To ensure that the quality score of WhatsApp mobile numbers is not rated as low quality, real-time monitoring and analysis have become key steps. Many companies have multiple WhatsApp accounts, and they may need to switch multiple times to find problematic messages. Therefore, it is necessary to use the communication integration tool Salesmartly, which can help companies track customer interactions in real time and optimize communication strategies through intelligent analysis.


  • Integrate multiple WhatsApp accounts and manage customer conversations in a unified manner, thereby improving response speed and service quality, which will help improve WhatsApp's mobile phone number quality score.


  • In the Salesmartly backend, you can directly manage the conversations of all integrated accounts, making it easier to find behaviors that lead to a drop in ratings and make timely adjustments.



common problem


What actions may lower my WhatsApp number quality score?

According to common messaging platform standards, the following behaviors may negatively impact your score: frequently sending repetitive or meaningless messages, being reported or blocked by a large number of users, sending prohibited content or spam, and unusual activity patterns, such as sending a large number of messages in a short period of time.


How can I restore my WhatsApp phone number to normal after it was marked or restricted?

First, you should stop all behaviors that may violate WhatsApp's Terms of Use. Next, you can try to contact WhatsApp's customer service team to complain or seek help. At the same time, make sure your future behavior complies with WhatsApp's guidelines and take measures to improve the quality of user interactions, such as optimizing the content of the messages sent and gradually restoring the health of the account. If the improvement measures have not been effective, you may need to further analyze your account behavior or use Salesmartly to monitor and improve your mobile phone number quality score.

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