SaleSmartly passed ISO 27001 certification, and its information security management was recognized internationally

Many users have asked before, can SaleSmartly 's information security be guaranteed? In fact, SaleSmartly has long officially obtained the ISO 27001 information security management system international standard certification issued by the authoritative certification agency BSI! This marks that SaleSmartly 's information security management system has reached international standards.

The authority of ISO 27001 certificate

In terms of information security management, ISO 27001 is currently the most authoritative, strictest, and most widely used information security management standard in the world. It is famous for its strict review standards and authoritative certification system, and has become an important factor in enterprise data competitiveness. logo.

SaleSmartly's ability to obtain this certification means that SaleSmartly 's information security has established a security management system that is in line with international standards and can provide users with reliable and secure software services and solution services.

The significance of obtaining ISO 27001 certification

Today, the development of information technology is accompanied by the awakening of awareness of personal information protection, and information security protection has become the focus of attention in all walks of life. In order to effectively ensure the healthy development of the informatization process, the country has also successively introduced a number of relevant laws and regulations to provide direction for corporate information governance and compliance development, and SaleSmartly has always actively responded to and implemented relevant industry norms.

Obtaining this authoritative certification represents the establishment of a more trustworthy bridge and bond between SaleSmartly and its users. It will continue to provide users and partners with a more complete, secure and reliable software system that fully complies with the ISO27001 standard to establish an information security management system.

ISO 27001 system certification is a great affirmation of our company's information security management work. In the future, SaleSmartly will continue to actively embrace regulatory requirements, continue to respond to and implement compliance requirements, and continue to provide users with high-quality, high-security products and services!

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