SaleSmartly Earns Meta Business Partners Certification Badge

Recently, SaleSmartly passed the Business Partners certification in the messaging field from the social networking service giant Meta . This authoritative and important certification further confirms SaleSmartly's outstanding strength and achievements in the messaging management field.


Meta is an American Internet company that owns social software such as Facebook , Instagram , and WhatsApp . Its social network and online advertising services dominate the world. In recent years, Meta has focused on developing the metaverse and expanding its influence and status in more fields.

Meta Business Partners' certification in the field of message management is a strong proof that SaleSmartly has consolidated its competitive advantage in the market. SaleSmartly 's certification has been rigorously reviewed and thoroughly tested, fully demonstrating its capabilities and achievements in aggregating multi-channel information.


In today's globalization, more and more companies choose to expand their business overseas. However, the popularity of multiple overseas social media platforms has made information management a problem. How to quickly integrate multi-channel information to acquire more customers has become the key. Therefore, having a platform that can integrate multi-channel information will become a powerful assistant for companies to expand overseas. Such a platform can not only save time and energy, but also help to improve sales rate and customer satisfaction.

SaleSmartly is an omnichannel customer communication platform. Messages from any channel can be responded to by teams of all sizes from a centralized backend, making communication between companies and customers easier and smarter! At the same time, SaleSmartly also has automatic marketing, intelligent customer service, real-time translation, data analysis and other functions, which are specially designed for customer support, marketing and sales.


Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Meta for recognizing SaleSmartly . At this exciting new milestone, SaleSmartly will continue to lead the development of the industry, constantly pursue excellence, and create a better future with customers.

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