How to optimize Telegram marketing with SaleSmartly

The development trend of social media has always been a "barometer" for companies going overseas. As of June 2023, Telegram has become the most downloaded social networking application in the global Apple App Store, except for WhatsApp. This emerging social media platform is gradually expanding its influence. The rise of Telegram also means the emergence of new business opportunities. How to grasp this popular social media for marketing has become the most concerned issue for companies going overseas.

Moreover, overseas technology media TechCrunch recently broke the news that Telegram is cooperating with Tencent, hoping to build Telegram into a "super application ecosystem platform" similar to WeChat . After the release of this news, it attracted the attention of many users at home and abroad, especially overseas companies. WeChat, owned by Tencent, is the largest social software in China with a wide coverage, while Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging software in the world. Both are famous for their rich resources and strong technical strength. This "strong alliance" is bound to further enhance the functions of the software itself and bring better experience to users.

Features of Telegram

Before launching marketing activities on social media platforms, we must first understand the characteristics of the social media platform. According to its characteristics, "prescribing the right medicine" may achieve twice the result with half the effort.

1. High privacy

As an encrypted instant messaging application that focuses on privacy and security, Telegram uses end-to-end encryption, and all content will not pass through its servers; its private chat function can automatically delete chat history when the user logs out.

2. The group can accommodate a large number of people

Telegram allows users to send and receive messages, pictures, etc. for free. Users can also create groups or channels that can accommodate up to 200,000 people. Users can also follow some organizational accounts to receive information push.

3. Multiple devices can be logged in

Telegram has seamless synchronization feature, users can log in from multiple devices at the same time.

4. Large market distribution

The main markets are distributed in India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Europe and the United States and other countries. If you want to expand to these places, you can consider using the Telegram platform.

How to find target groups on Telegram

If you want to find target customers on Telegram and start marketing, you must first join some targeted Telegram groups. The significance of groups is not only to post advertisements, but also to chat privately with strangers, you need to be in the same group with them.

1. Search Function

In Telegram, you can search for relevant groups by entering keywords, and then find our suitable group to join.

2. Share and recommend

You can find suitable groups through sharing and recommendations from friends or other social media platforms and interest forums. This method makes it easier to find groups that meet your needs and the quality of the groups is also higher.

3. Group List

There are many group lists on Telegram. You can directly search for groups related to your needs on them.

How to carry out group marketing

After joining the target groups, we can start considering how to use the resources of these groups to increase brand awareness, find more potential customers and drive conversions.

1. Identify your target audience

Before conducting marketing, we need to have a general understanding of our target audience, understand their characteristics and interests, and launch targeted marketing activities.

2. Speak more in the group

It is best not to do pure marketing at the beginning. You can first make yourself familiar with the group members, reply to comments more often, and let the group members have a basic impression of you. Then find opportunities to promote your products later.

3. Publish useful information

While speaking more, it is best for us to frequently output some valuable information. This will help leave a professional impression on group members and facilitate our subsequent promotion of our products.

4. Respect group rules

We need to respect the rules of the group, not do anything that violates the rules, and not send private messages to harass others at will.

How to manage customers after marketing

After contacting the target customers, we need to start thinking about how to sell our products in the future. This process may be very long, and we need to contact the other party frequently and answer their questions. However, in reality, an employee usually has multiple accounts, and it is difficult to know the information of each account in time, so managing customers has become one of the difficulties.

1. Aggregate Account

If you want to know the information of each Telegram account in time, you have to find a tool that can aggregate all accounts. SaleSmartly, as an omni-channel customer communication platform, can aggregate multiple Telegram accounts. Not only that, it can also aggregate social media platform accounts such as livechat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Line, Email, and WeChat. It helps overseas companies to manage multiple accounts with one software, solving the pain point of account information being out of sync.

2. Categorize customers

Categorizing customers based on their characteristics will help us launch more targeted marketing activities in the future. In addition to marking basic social media account channels and information, SaleSmartly also allows you to customize visitor tags. This function is similar to the "Friends Grouping" function in WeChat, which can be filled in according to the characteristics of different customers. When facing a large customer base, this function can help employees quickly find the characteristics of customers and provide more personalized services.

3. Set up automated responses

There are many foreigners in the Telegram customer base of overseas enterprises. Sometimes it is difficult to reply to customers in time due to time zone differences. This situation will accelerate customer loss in the long run. Therefore, for some common basic steps, we can directly set up automatic replies to reduce the waiting time of customers.

In the "Robot" module of SaleSmartly , you can add processes by yourself, and add "conditions" and "actions" according to your needs.

If you want to further use AI to help customers solve problems, you can add common questions and answers to the "AI Corpus" in SaleSmartly . When a customer asks these questions in Telegram, SaleSmartly can become a self-service help center and provide customers with corresponding answers.


The rapid development of Telegram is a new business opportunity that cannot be ignored by those going global. However, realizing that it is a business opportunity is only the first step. How to use these public resources and convert them into private ones is what companies need to consider. SaleSmartly 's professional customer management function can help employees simplify work processes and provide more timely services, thereby improving customer satisfaction and promoting the conversion of target customers. It is a rare high-quality tool for going global.

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