To help facilitate conversational commerce, SaleSmartly real-time translation is now free to use!

Chat apps have long surpassed traditional social media in popularity and reach.

Almost everyone, from the youngest to the youngest, uses a mobile phone to chat. The familiarity and ease of use of this method of chatting is one of the important reasons why it is different from other software and has achieved great success.

Today, WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have all made useful attempts to combine business and chat applications, while Slack has established communication groups and chat methods for work environments. This clearly shows that the evolution of business communication is moving towards conversational business .

However, while conversational commerce can provide customers with a range of personalized experiences , there are also some difficulties and challenges that must be faced, such as managing multiple messaging channels to answer questions.

The solution to this challenge is obvious: SaleSmartly is a chat platform that integrates web plug-ins, Facebook, WhatsApp and other common social media channels, allowing companies to provide customers with a seamless support experience no matter which messaging channel they use.

In addition, the most basic and the most important thing that cannot be ignored is: communication with foreign customers!

In the cross-border e-commerce industry, the customers you come into contact with may come from countries in various regions of the world. Communicating in the customers' native language can make it easier to discover their needs, thereby increasing conversion rates.

The language issue has to be taken seriously.

As we all know, SaleSmartly itself provides real-time translation function . Received messages can be translated into the native language, and sent messages can be translated into the customer's language. The translation is automatic, allowing barrier-free real-time communication.

Compared to the charges of some automatic translation tools on the market, SaleSmartly's translation pricing is already very affordable. On this basis, SaleSmartly has been upgraded again, and you can use the real-time translation for free using the desktop application ! It saves money and is convenient! You no longer have to worry about not having enough words to translate!

After turning on desktop translation, the number of translated characters will no longer be deducted

How to operate? Here is a quick tutorial!

1. Download the app

Find the client installation package from the official website or SaleSmartly system, download and install it


2. Enable local translation

Open the SaleSmartly app, find SaleSmartly in the hidden icons in the computer status bar, right-click, find [Local Translation] and turn it on

3. Use real-time translation for free

Real-time translation of the language you are chatting with customers will no longer deduct the translated characters.

Note: This feature is only available on desktop versions and needs to be enabled in an external network environment.

Although implementing a conversational support strategy comes with its own set of challenges, they can be negligible with the help of SaleSmartly .

SaleSmartly will always be with you on the road of cross-border expansion and will continue to optimize and upgrade. Want to start a free trial? Click the original text below to use it immediately!

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