Social media conversion rate increased by 22%! How can women's clothing brands quickly attract fans and increase sales?

Social media marketing is one of the important ways for cross-border sellers to increase traffic, improve brand awareness, and generate potential customers and customers . Therefore, all cross-border merchants are racking their brains to gain exposure and attention to increase sales.

However, there are tens of thousands of new posts published on major overseas social media platforms every day. How can we stand out from the massive posts, increase the number of followers on social media accounts such as IG, FB, and Line, and then monetize the fans? LeiLei women's clothing brand has given us a good inspiration.

The person in charge of the LeiLei women's clothing brand said: " In addition to integrating multiple channels to reply in a unified manner in the background, SaleSmartly also has more useful automation tools , which can be said to have contributed 'primordial power' in social media marketing! Never miss a message from fans, and never miss a marketing opportunity, quickly gaining fans and boosting sales!"

About LeiLei Women's Clothing Brand

LeiLei women's clothing brand is a fashion women's clothing brand for Southeast Asia, providing a large number of fashion items, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, jeans and sunglasses, etc. Due to the proper social media marketing strategy this year, LeiLei women's clothing brand business has doubled, but they have also encountered many problems:

1. Massive messages cannot be processed in time, thus missing the best interaction opportunities

Faced with tens of thousands of messages and inquiries, manual customer service cannot respond to fans' questions in a timely manner. Manual replies are time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient. In addition, there is a time difference between fans and those in China, so they miss the best opportunities for interaction.

2. Negative reviews are ignored, affecting sales

As we all know, the conversion rate and interaction rate of advertising posts published on FB are directly proportional . Even if the FB advertising effect is very good, the product is very good, and the video is very real, the LeiLei women's clothing brand can always see a group of serious and persistent "friends" leaving bad comments under the advertising posts. If negative comments are allowed to remain in the advertising posts, it will have a huge impact on the conversion rate!

Therefore, the LeiLei women's clothing brand chose to use the automation tools in SaleSmartly to help reply to every message and private message from fans in real time. Next, let us take a closer look at how SaleSmartly helps the LeiLei women's clothing brand improve its social media conversion rate!

SaleSmartly Automation Solution

Under the automation function, the LeiLei women's clothing brand created an automated reply process, allowing the robot to reply to fan messages in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, block negative messages, and send private messages to fans who left messages , thereby improving the efficiency of processing fan messages.

1. Automatically reply to fans

The interactive mechanism is super “simple”: LeiLei women’s clothing designs advertising posts as “bait” such as mysterious small gifts and fan benefits, which can effectively attract fans to leave messages or share interactive behaviors; taking IG as an example, after the LeiLei women’s clothing brand binds its account in the SaleSmartly backend, it creates a random reply robot. When fans leave messages with product keywords, such as “retro dress”, the robot will automatically send fans related product links of retro dresses, increasing fan interaction and greatly improving sales.

2. Hide negative comments

As for negative reviews on FB, LeiLei Women's Wear also uses the "hide comments" function in the automation tool. When someone comments on a FB post with words like "So bad" or "ugly", the comment can be hidden and a private message can be sent to the fans who left the message at the same time. This does not affect the advertising effect and creates a friendly experience for fans!

SaleSmartly robot can reply to messages and private messages 24 hours a day, improving the authenticity of the interaction, seizing the best interaction opportunity, greatly improving customer experience, and increasing social media conversion rate by 22%!

If you want to create an online celebrity store on social media to increase sales, it is not enough to just produce content with passion and hard work. What you need are the right methods and tools!

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