How does TikTok divert traffic to private domains? And how can it be taken over?

As of 2023, TikTok has 1.677 billion global users and 1.1 billion monthly active users. TikTok has quickly become popular around the world, becoming one of the most popular social media in the world and ranking sixth among the most active social media in the world. These data reflect the huge influence of the platform.

TikTok itself is a public traffic pool that attracts and retains users by providing a platform for publishing content. TikTok 's private domain operation refers to using the platform to divert traffic from the high seas to more private social media tools, such as its own product's official website, WhatsApp, LINE, etc., thereby enhancing user stickiness and conversion rate. This is similar to asking target customers found on Xiaohongshu and Douyin to add corporate WeChat in China, using this method to improve user retention and thus increase revenue.



How to increase followers and traffic on TikTok

1. Short video content

As a platform with short videos as its main content form, TikTok 's traffic mainly comes from short videos. So if you want to attract traffic from TikTok , you need to do a good job of basic short video content. You can formulate the theme and format of the video according to your product characteristics and target consumer groups. For example, if most of your consumer groups are B-end users, you can show more about the quality, usage, and cost-effectiveness of the product; if there are more C-end users, you can take advantage of the popularity of Internet memes and try to show your products in an interesting way.


2. Live streaming

In addition to short videos, live streaming is also a very popular way to play on TikTok . At present, live streaming is very common in China, but it is still relatively new to foreign countries. The gameplay can be directly benchmarked against similar domestic companies. And because this is one of the main ways to play on TikTok , the platform will provide good traffic. However, live streaming still has relatively high requirements for the environment and personnel, and needs to reach a relatively professional level.


3. Pay more attention to target customers

TikTok officially requires two accounts to follow each other before private messages can be sent, so we can take the initiative to follow some target customers or follow others under similar benchmark accounts. Many foreigners have the habit of following back, so we can send them private messages and send relevant information to them.


4. Comments Operation

You can comment on some bloggers who are more relevant to the product or industry. These bloggers have larger traffic and similar target audiences, so there will be a good conversion rate in the end.


How to take over private domain traffic

1. Usually, relevant account information is placed in the introduction of the homepage, such as email, independent website, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, etc. If there are many channels, these links can be summarized in the independent website.

Currently, newly registered TikTok accounts may have problems with linking. You can acquire some old accounts to solve this problem.



2. Users can click on these links to go to your other social platforms, leading customers to your private domain. Unlike in China, foreigners prefer to view information through multiple channels, such as WeChat in China, Line in Japan and Taiwan Province of China, Kakao talk in South Korea, Facebook, Line and Whatsapp in Southeast Asia, and Whatsapp in Europe and the United States, so it is best to operate across multiple platforms.




3. Use the aggregated chat system SaleSmartly to aggregate information from multiple channels. Operating too many channels at the same time can easily lead to information dispersion, so SaleSmartly is needed to integrate the chats together.

During the chat, you should avoid too much hard promotion. Foreigners don't like routines and rhetoric. So you should focus more on how to build trust and quickly break through the user's purchase barriers. You can't be too intrusive, but you should make others remember you. The closing of the sale comes last.


4. Make good use of the label function. The most common method is to divide customers into new customers, first-time purchasing customers, and repeat purchasing users. You can also add labels based on customer characteristics during the chat to facilitate the subsequent differentiation of each customer.


TikTok private domain full process

Get traffic → Undertake traffic → Convert traffic → Collect payment → Purchase → Logistics follow-up → Customer maintenance → Continuous conversion

The most troublesome points are how to obtain traffic, collect payments and purchase.

Regarding the traffic problem : you can follow the methods mentioned above, and remember to target the crowd and region to obtain accurate traffic.

Regarding payment : Paypal , Payme , Stripe , overseas credit cards, Western Union, and MoneyGram are all mainstream channels. If the customer is unwilling to pay the full amount at the beginning, he can pay a part of the deposit first, and the amount of the deposit can ensure that it can cover the cost price. After the goods are shipped, the customer can pay the balance. There is no need to worry about the customer not paying the balance. Logistics are usually easier to intercept before customs clearance.

Regarding procurement : It is best to contact the source factory or know someone who can provide the product. Otherwise, the more people you contact, the higher the cost of the product will be.



It is not difficult to play TikTok in the private domain. It is mainly the same as the domestic Douyin. You can directly regard TikTok as the early Douyin. Moreover, TikTok is currently in its rising stage and is very willing to provide traffic to bloggers. Therefore, if you are interested in doing private domain, TikTok is a good channel for drainage.

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