WhatsApp Business account blocked? Common reasons for blocking

At present, WhatsApp, as one of the important platforms in the global instant messaging field, has become the preferred tool for enterprises in marketing and communicating with customers. However, long-term and high-intensity marketing activities can easily lead to the sudden ban of WhatsApp Business accounts, making it impossible to use the account. Even if you appeal and ask the official to unblock the account later, you still need to wait for a while. During this period of time, the account is still unusable, which can easily lead to the loss of customers or failure of chat orders.

This article will discuss the reasons why WhatsApp Business accounts are blocked from multiple perspectives and tell you how to avoid it.

Reasons why WhatsApp Business accounts may be blocked

1. Send advertising information

The risk of being blocked for sending advertising information in bulk is relatively high. Merchants eager to promote their products and services may frequently send marketing information to users. When these marketing information contain too many links or explicit promotional words, they are easily identified and blocked by the system, and the account is then classified as a marketing account, which carries a high risk of being blocked.

2. Automatically or massively send messages in a short period of time

In addition to not sending too many advertising messages, sending ordinary messages automatically or in large quantities in a short period of time is also easy to be detected by the system, especially using third-party software to automatically send a large number of messages is the most likely to be recognized by the system. Therefore, do not try to use WhatsApp to send a large number of messages, automatic messages or automatic outgoing calls, and do not send the same promotional information to different contacts at the same time.

3. Being reported multiple times in a short period of time

If you are frequently reported by recipients, your account can easily be banned. So businesses should always remember that when it comes to promotions, don’t be too annoying.

In addition, WhatsApp will use AI technology to detect abnormal activities and ban accounts that send messages automatically without authorization and users who frequently use automation to send messages.

4. Violation of WhatsApp’s Terms of Service

It is prohibited to post false news and hate speech, engage in illegal, threatening, intimidating, send hate speech and racial or ethnic discrimination on WhatsApp.

5. Excessive broadcast messaging

If your contacts have added your phone number to their address book, they will only receive messages sent from the broadcast list. However, if you use broadcast messages too frequently, it can easily lead to your messages being reported. At the same time, if WhatsApp receives multiple reports, it will consider this an abuse of broadcast messages, and your account will be banned.

What to do if you are banned

If your WhatsApp Business account is disabled and your business relies heavily on WhatsApp Business for marketing activities, the only way out is to file a complaint with WhatsApp Business. In addition to filing a complaint, we also need to understand what actions to take in the future to avoid the account being banned again. Because multiple short-term bans can easily lead to long-term permanent bans.

As a huge private traffic pool, WhatsApp Business is indeed the first choice for many brands, especially independent website merchants, for publicity and marketing. However, if you don’t understand the “rules of the game”, it will become very tricky. Therefore, in subsequent marketing activities, companies are better off paying more attention to the following points:

1. Don’t send messages in batches

If your account is blocked for sending automated or large numbers of messages in a short period of time, it is important to limit the number of messages you send at a time and send them in batches.

2. Stop the hard sell

If you push hard, it is easy to annoy customers and increase the chances of them reporting you. So we can reduce the sending of some "hard ads" and send some holiday greetings on weekdays, treating them as friends. This is conducive to building long-term relationships between companies and customers, and can really improve customer loyalty!

3. Always be patient

The desire for quick success and instant benefits is the main reason why many accounts are permanently blocked. If your account is blocked again, it is easy to be permanently blocked by the system. Therefore, companies should focus on the characteristics of WhatsApp and combine the brand tone, and patiently carry out effective and interesting publicity to truly achieve marketing conversion.

Apply for WhatsApp Business API corporate account

Of course, another best measure is to use the official WhatsApp Business API corporate account. For some companies, as their business grows, they need to reach more messages to a wider range of people faster. For example, ordinary WhatsApp Business accounts are officially launched for small and medium-sized enterprises, and are also called "SMB" (Small and Medium-sized Business) accounts. They are only suitable for some basic marketing activities and are not suitable for corporate use. In comparison, WhatsApp Business API corporate accounts have relatively low requirements for infrastructure such as hardware, IP, and network cables, and do not require account maintenance, let alone the risk of account suspension. As an officially provided commercial marketing solution, WhatsApp Business API corporate accounts have long durability and truly achieve zero risk, allowing large and medium-sized enterprises to safely connect with customers around the world.

SaleSmartly is the software with the most channels on the market. Users can connect all WhatsApp Business API accounts together through SaleSmartly . No official application is required, and no long review period is required. With simple and convenient operation, you can have a WhatsApp Business API account and start automated marketing. WhatsApp Business API accounts can also send messages to an unlimited number of contacts according to their level, making it easy to send messages on a large scale, greatly improving work efficiency.

Recently, SaleSmartly has also launched a new feature called "Automatic Registration of WhatsApp Business API Enterprise Accounts". If you don't want to purchase a platform account, you can register a WhatsApp Business API enterprise account on SaleSmartly . The registration process is quick and simple, and there is no limit on the number of registrations, which helps expand the scale of corporate API number usage.

Just find [Integration] in the left menu bar of SaleSmartly , then select [WhatsApp Api] and click self-service registration.


WhatsApp is one of the most important marketing channels for enterprises going overseas, so it is very important to ensure the stability of the account. If a large number of marketing activities are required, it is best to register a WhatsApp Business API enterprise account, and then integrate it through SaleSmartly, a professional software officially authorized by WhatsApp. This will help enterprises maximize the commercial benefits of WhatsApp.

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