WhatsApp API number registration platform price comparison: help you choose the most cost-effective service

WhatsApp as a globally popular instant messaging tool has launched API services that provide businesses with powerful customer interaction capabilities. However, with the myriad of platforms offering WhatsApp API number registration, businesses can easily feel overwhelmed when choosing one. This article will compare the prices of the currently mainstream WhatsApp API number registration platforms, helping businesses to directly understand the different pricing of various platforms.


Different Types of WhatsApp Messages

  • Utilities: Directly related to transactions, including post-purchase notifications and regular billing.
  • Marketing: Related to your business, products, or services.
  • Verification: Provides users with one-time passwords for authentication purposes.
  • Service: Initiated by the user; these are usually to address customer inquiries. Businesses can respond within a 24-hour customer service window.


Introduction to WhatsApp API Number Registration Platforms



YCloud is a leading WhatsApp business service provider, committed to leveraging the world's most popular social app, WhatsApp, to help businesses grow. Deep integration with WhatsApp is one of YCloud's core strengths. Through YCloud's products and services, businesses can fully utilize WhatsApp's widespread use and high interactivity for personalized marketing, sales, and customer support.

New User Offer: $2 credit (about 14.3 yuan)

How to integrate with SaleSmartly: How to integrate a WhatsApp Business API number? -SaleSmartly-Help Center-SaleSmartly User Guide



ChatApp is an efficient messaging engine built by Alibaba Cloud for global businesses. It establishes effective connections between users and customers through IM Channel, enhancing business value.

New User Offer: Free 200 WhatsApp conversations + 200 Chatbot calls

How to integrate with SaleSmartly: How to integrate a WhatsApp Business API number? -SaleSmartly-Help Center-SaleSmartly User Guide



NxCloud is a tech-driven cloud communication company, established in Singapore in 2018. It's dedicated to providing enterprises with one-stop communication services covering the entire user lifecycle, including identity verification, marketing promotion, customer service dialogue, and message outreach through SMS, voice, DID numbers, WhatsApp, Viber, and other communication and social media products, helping businesses achieve global user linkage and marketing growth.

New User Offer: Contact customer service for a free test quota based on needs

How to integrate with SaleSmartly: How to integrate a WhatsApp Business API number? -SaleSmartly-Help Center-SaleSmartly User Guide



The parent company of ITNIO TECH was established in Hong Kong in 2007, adhering to the concept of easily connecting more overseas businesses to the global stage, and has been deeply involved in the field of international communications. With rich industry experience and a new technology platform, ITNIO TECH truly achieves high-quality global borderless connectivity.

New User Offer: $20 credit after business verification

How to integrate with SaleSmartly: How to integrate a WhatsApp Business API number? -SaleSmartly-Help Center-SaleSmartly User Guide


Cloud API (Official WhatsApp)

Official Price List: Business Platform Pricing | WhatsApp Business

Official Registration Tutorial: In some regions, direct activation is not supported by the official, and you need to find an agent (the above four) to assist with registration

How to integrate with SaleSmartly: Cloud API number access tutorial -SaleSmartly-Help Center-SaleSmartly User Guide


How to Use After Registration

After registering your account on these WhatsApp API number platforms, you can copy the API key into the SaleSmartly backend. All conversation information in the account can then be replied to directly in the SaleSmartly backend. Further, you can set up automation features, such as welcome messages, jump buttons, and session tags, freeing you from repetitive tasks and shortening response times.

You can also directly view customer information in the SaleSmartly backend, manage customers centrally, and implement efficient segmentation tracking and analysis features.


Price Comparison Table for Popular Regions

Yellow: ITNIO TECH (New to WhatsApp API business, currently in the customer acquisition phase, so the prices are temporarily the same as the official WhatsApp pricing)
Blue: NxCloud
Green: ChatApp (ChatApp's price list is in RMB. For ease of comparison, the prices are converted to USD at a rate of 0.138 in the chart; prices may vary with exchange rates.)
Grey: YCloud

China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan):









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