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As conversational commerce becomes increasingly popular, cross-border e-commerce operators use the marketing functions of communication applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which can not only "add icing on the cake" to business promotions and empower potential customers, but has even become a basic capability to maintain the business model.

As one of the most popular mobile communication apps in the world, WhatsApp has 2 billion monthly active users and has become the "global social leader". It also holds the largest market share in many countries around the world. To grasp conversational commerce and use this marketing model to achieve business development goals, WhatsApp is the best choice.

However, due to the limitations of WhatsApp itself, users can only log in to one account on the same device. But we usually have multiple WhatsApp accounts when doing cross-border foreign trade, so we can create an account matrix, maintain multiple accounts, divert traffic, and reduce the risk of account suspension .

Based on the above pain points, as a one-stop intelligent customer service tool, SaleSmartly has launched the WhatsApp App channel under everyone's call! The integration method is super simple , as long as you have an account, you can connect by scanning the code! !

Knowledge Card: 3 Types of WhatsApp Numbers

WhatsApp personal number

The regular WhatsApp Messenger app is available for free download on Android and iOS and is mostly used for personal messaging. Like other instant messaging apps, it allows one-on-one chats, group chats, audio and video calls. A personal WhatsApp account doesn't offer much help to business owners, as businesses need more options.

WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp Business Account is a standalone free application designed for businesses. It provides small and micro businesses with the most basic communication functions such as one-to-one chat and group chat. Although WhatsApp Business Account can be operated on the same mobile phone, the account needs to be bound to a separate phone number. It is usually recommended to use dual SIM cards to manage personal WhatsApp and business accounts, so that the contact list can be separated to comply with regulations.

WhatsApp Business accounts can add company images, business hours, websites and physical addresses to profiles. WhatsApp offers many business tools to simplify and manage messaging, such as QR codes that connect directly to company conversations.

WhatsAp Business API

WhatsApp Business API allows the use of all WhatsApp marketing tools and is designed for medium and large enterprises. The difference from WhatsApp business accounts is that API can have unlimited users and devices under one z account, providing more effective customer support and message marketing functions.

WhatsApp Business API can import customer contacts stored in the company's CRM list. You can choose broadcast messages as a marketing supplement and customize broadcasts using WhatsApp approved templates. In addition, using the API, broadcasts can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients, and recipients do not have to save the company's number to receive the message.

PS: As an auxiliary marketing tool, SaleSmartly has launched the WhatsApp Business API rental service since last year. This time, the upgrade of WhatsApp App supports access to both personal and corporate accounts~

What are the benefits of connecting to WhatsApp App number in SaleSmartly ?

Don’t worry if you have too many accounts, we can help you split the traffic with teamwork

As mentioned above, those doing cross-border foreign trade generally have multiple WhatsApp accounts, which will lead to problems such as cross-platform and multi-account management. They need to use multiple devices or frequently switch accounts to work. This method is not only inefficient, but also affects customer service and workflow.

With unified access to SaleSmartly , not only can you reply to customer questions in the same backend , reducing the cost of multiple devices to zero , but you can also automatically assign conversations to different customer service staff, which greatly increases service efficiency!

Massive customers are coming, efficient management is a must

In a mobile and social environment like WhatsApp, companies can obtain a large amount of potential customer data at a low cost before a transaction. By making good use of this data, they can form considerable judgments and begin to adopt targeted marketing strategies.

The implementation of these strategies is inseparable from a platform for analyzing and automating the massive data generated by customer participation, and SaleSmartly provides this platform.

By creating various labels , different customers can be given different differentiated identities and displayed intuitively, and then targeted marketing can be carried out to efficiently classify and manage massive customers!

Customer service is a mess, data analysis is king

The data analysis function solves account, customer service and customer issues and connects the three directions together.

How many customers did you receive today? Which customer service representative received them? Which account received the most customers? All of them will be presented to you digitally!

Analyze conversation results, monitor customer service performance, and help managers make judgments and decisions so as to adopt appropriate strategies and actions.

How to integrate WhatsApp App number?

  • First, you need to have a WhatsApp account, whether it is a personal account or a business account (you can find the registration entrance by searching casually, so I won’t go into details here)
  • Add customer service WeChat opening port

  • Open WhatsApp - Connected Devices - Connect New Device, scan SaleSmartly's backend QR code to access

In short, seize the opportunity of WhatsApp business development, and SaleSmartly will be your strong help! Through multi-account/channel management, customer management, data analysis and other functions, your business will be doubled !

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