WhatsApp is frequently added and you are worried about being blocked? Diversion link can help you

Recently, WhatsApp has been tightening its supervision on accounts. Frequent addition of friends or being added by personal or business accounts can easily lead to a ban. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to register an account on WhatsApp, and accounts are becoming more valuable. So we need to find some means to solve this problem. At this time, we can use diversion links to avoid the problem of being banned due to excessively concentrated traffic.


What is a diversion link


Diverted links refer to links that can be dynamically operated by scanning. Compared with ordinary static links, diverted links can store more social accounts. Moreover, diverted links allow the content of the link to be modified while the link style displayed to the outside world remains unchanged. However, the content of static links cannot be modified after they are generated.

Diversion links are applicable to more scenarios. They can not only obtain information, but also realize different functions according to the set rules, such as promoting websites, collecting user information and sharing activities. Compared with traditional static links, diversion links are more flexible and practical.


Scenarios for using split links


1. Multiple WhatsApp accounts are combined into one add friend link


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When making inquiries on WhatsApp, using a diversion link is a very efficient method. This link is associated with multiple WhatsApp accounts. When the customer clicks the link, the diversion of the added account can be carried out according to the pre-set rules. This diversion link can be set according to a variety of factors, such as time period, number of visitors, etc. Through the pre-set rules, customers will be automatically guided to the WhatsApp account that suits them after clicking the link. Avoid the risk of account blocking after adding/being added a large number of friends.


Usage scenario: WhatsApp inquiry diversion, WhatsApp personal account maintenance



2. Multiple WhatsApp groups merge into one group link


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Through the diversion link, each visitor can be directed to a different WhatsApp private domain group to ensure that the link can be used for a long time. Compared with static links, diversion links can dynamically change the link content. In this way, there will be no situation where many people rush into a WhatsApp private domain group at the same time or the private domain group is full and the link cannot enter the group.


Usage scenario: WhatsApp private group



3. Data detection


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Diversion links can better track and analyze the source and conversion rate of WhatsApp inquiries. By tracking the clicks and subsequent conversions of different links, companies can better understand market reactions and customer preferences, thereby improving marketing strategies and sales processes on social media platforms. In addition, diversion links can also reasonably distribute workloads, effectively avoiding the problem of a single WhatsApp account being overused and unable to respond to customers in a timely manner.


Usage scenario: data analysis, reasonable allocation of team work


How to create a diversion link in SaleSmartly

1. In [Robot]-[Diversion Link], click Create Link.


2. Edit the link name and select the diversion channel. There are three account type options: WhatsApp API, WhatsApp APP and Telegram bot.

You can choose to let the system randomly assign you or assign you by time period (e.g. weekdays and weekends)


3. Select the corresponding account that needs to be diverted and check the box on the left.



4. Click [Finish Creation] to generate an exclusive diversion link.



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