Five ways to generate WhatsApp links! Which one is better for you?

As one of the most popular social media in the world, according to the latest statistics, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users and sends more than 100 billion messages every day. Therefore, when overseas companies handle business, WhatsApp is a very common communication channel. However, WhatsApp requires a phone number to add the other party, and many customers are not so willing to add friends/give others phone numbers at the beginning.

However, there is now a way to simplify this process - using WhatsApp links. This is very helpful for businesses because they can start a WhatsApp conversation with potential customers immediately, simplifying a lot of steps. Let's talk about how to create a WhatsApp link.


If you don't have the other party's phone number, provide your own link to the other party


WhatsApp Business app share link

If the other party has already installed WhatsApp, we can create an account directly in the WhatsApp Business application, and the system will automatically generate a short link for the merchant organization. The other party only needs to click on the link to talk to you directly.

The steps are as follows: Find [Short Link] in [Business Tools]. Note that this feature can only be used for WhatsApp Business accounts.


SaleSmartly generates WhatsApp links

Because the official website directly generates links for WhatsApp Buiness accounts, if you also want to generate links for your personal account, you can use the Meta Business Partners certified software SaleSmartly to generate them. SaleSmartly can also create diversion links, which can effectively receive inquiries on WhatsApp. This kind of link is associated with multiple WhatsApp accounts, and you can pre-set rules to divert customers who click on the link. The steps are as follows:

In [Robot] - [Diversion Link], click [Create Link]. Select WhatsApp App in the diversion channel, then select the WhatsApp account and click [Finish Creation]. Subsequent customers can also track data based on this link.



Quickly create a contact with the other party's phone number


Create a WhatsApp link yourself

We can directly use the URL format of [电话] and [电话] to generate a WhatsApp link, where the [电话] field needs to contain the full phone number. When adding an international phone number, you need to omit 0, brackets, or dashes.



Correct format: ,

Wrong format:



Create WhatsApp link with pre-filled content

To automatically display the pre-filled text in the conversation, you can use number?text=text content

【 number&text=text content】

Phone number: Full phone number using international format

Text content: Just fill in the content you want to send. Both Chinese and English are supported.



Then the link will jump to the page below. Just press [Continue Chat] to continue the call.



Send group messages using WhatsApp link

If you don't want to send it to a specific phone, you can use the format [文字内容]. After clicking the link, you can select the person you want to send it to from the contact list.






You can choose which WhatsApp link to create based on the specific situation, and please note that if the WhatsApp link is created online, some functions may not be available, such as broadcasting and group messaging. Therefore, it is recommended to use SaleSmartly to create it, which can not only retain the functions of WhatsApp App, but also aggregate account information to facilitate employees' external communication.




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