WhatsApp Marketing: Make Your Customer Service Different

WhatsApp Messenger, or WhatsApp for short, is a cross-platform encrypted instant messaging application for smartphones owned by Facebook. It is similar to the commonly used QQ and WeChat in China, relying on the network for instant communication and can quickly send and receive messages.

WhatsApp marketing refers to marketing activities conducted on the WhatsApp messaging app to acquire more potential customers and increase more sales opportunities. Through the diverse functions of the app, businesses can use WhatsApp to communicate directly with their customers, share product information, promote promotions, and collect customer feedback.

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At the same time, using WhatsApp marketing can achieve the lowest investment and get higher benefits. Especially in the era of mobile Internet, people are increasingly relying on mobile devices, and WhatsApp marketing will become an important trend and method for corporate marketing and promotion.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp marketing?

Large number of active users

According to statistics in 2023, WhatsApp has 2 billion monthly active users. If we calculate based on the 4.95 billion global Internet users, 40% of global Internet users are active WhatsApp users. Therefore, there are a large number of active users on this software, and companies that choose to use WhatsApp for marketing have greatly increased the possibility of reaching target customers.

Zero distance communication with customers

On WhatsApp, businesses can directly communicate with customers one-on-one in real time, giving customers the most intimate and authentic experience. They can also use related functions for customer management, data statistics, and personalized services. It is undoubtedly the best platform for businesses to provide good services to customers.

More direct information exchange

WhatsApp can send messages to strangers, allowing businesses to quickly reach target customers. In addition, products information, pictures, and videos can be sent to customers directly on WhatsApp, allowing customers to have a more intuitive understanding of the full picture of the product. It can also answer customers' questions in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary confusion and misunderstandings, thereby increasing customers' desire to buy.

How does high-quality customer service manifest itself?

Quick response to customer needs

When customers have needs, they usually hope to get a timely response. If a company cannot respond to customer needs in a timely manner, customers may feel disrespected and unsatisfied, and will turn to other brands, and the company will lose some customers.

Responding quickly to customer needs can make customers feel that their needs are valued and that they have received timely solutions, thereby improving customer satisfaction. If needs can be solved in a timely manner, it will also increase customer trust in the company, thereby enhancing customer stickiness and developing them into long-term users.

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Fully understand customer information

As the saying goes, knowing yourself and the enemy ensures victory in a hundred battles. Good interaction begins with understanding the needs and demands of customers. Based on the understanding of customers, such as preferences for personalization, traditionalism, etc., relevant services and products can be pushed to customers in a targeted manner, which can not only improve service quality, but also enable corporate economic growth.

Rich product information

Improve product information and show product features and advantages through pictures, texts or videos. Diversified product information will attract more customers' attention and help them fully understand the product at the first time. Complete product information will also reduce customer inquiries, improve the efficiency of the purchase process, and save unnecessary time.

How to combine WhatsApp marketing with great customer service?

How difficult it is to process customer information

Whether it is a large enterprise or a small enterprise, it will be a headache when facing a steady stream of customer information. On the one hand, it will take more time and money to process a large amount of information, and on the other hand, customers will not be able to get a timely response, which may lead to the risk of losing customers.

It is recommended that enterprises use intelligent chatbots for automatic replies to avoid manual repetitive work. In addition, regardless of spring, summer, autumn, winter, day or night, they can respond to user needs at any time, truly achieving 24-hour service in the Internet era.

In addition, many companies not only market on WhatsApp, but also on many other mainstream media platforms, so it is also very necessary to use omni-channel chatbots, which can integrate your information from different channels into the same page, facilitate information management and response, and provide better customer service.

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Personalized service

What is personalization? Think of it as an evolution from marketing communications to a digital conversation that starts with data.

Businesses can use tools to collect, analyze and effectively use information about consumer preferences, interests and behaviors, which will help you create marketing campaigns, content and experiences that resonate with your target audience.

Because in today's digital age, consumers expect more relevant, contextual and convenient experiences, and have raised this expectation to an unprecedented level. Using data to deeply understand your customers, predict their needs, and provide personalized services and experiences will help you take your sales to new heights.

Customer Information Management

Having an excellent customer information management system can help your business reach a higher level. Use the customer management platform to segment, track and analyze your customers, fully and accurately grasp your customer information, and help the company lay the foundation for subsequent business. Only by understanding customer information can you discover their changes in time, so as to respond to changes with the same approach.

The more accurate the customer information is, the more conducive it is to customer classification, making it easier for sales personnel to implement corresponding sales strategies for different categories of customers. It also helps to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and create a good corporate reputation.


WhatsApp will be a popular and powerful social media tool both now and in the future. It is a wise choice to use its portability for marketing. How to provide high-quality customer service in the marketing process is the highlight. Try to use some of the marketing techniques in this article in your business and give your customers a more efficient customer service experience than your competitors~

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