WhatsApp anti-blocking (Part 2): Compliance with regulations

Before we get into the specific product usage specifications, let us first introduce you to the current WhatsApp Business products. According to the WhatsApp official website, the current WhatsApp Business products include:

  • WhatsApp Business App

  • The WhatsApp Business solution, which consists of the WhatsApp Business client and the WhatsApp Business API, and if you use the WhatsApp Business solution as a service provider on behalf of your clients, these policies apply to you and your clients.

  • Other WhatsApp Business products or features that WhatsApp may offer to businesses in the future.

Therefore, whether you are using the WhatsApp Business application or WhatsApp Business solutions, the operation and use of the products must comply with the following policies.

How to create a quality experience when using WhatsApp Business

  • Follow any guidelines and instructions in the technical and product documentation.

  • Maintain a WhatsApp Business profile that includes customer support contact information, as well as an email address, website address, and phone number. Businesses must keep all information accurate and up-to-date, and must not impersonate another business or otherwise mislead customers about the nature of their business.

  • You may only contact users on WhatsApp under the following circumstances: You must respect a user's request to ban, interrupt or otherwise opt-out of your WhatsApp communications, including removing the user from your contact list.

WhatsApp Business Solution (WhatsApp Business API) Specific Terms

The following sections on Opt-in and Acceptable Message Types apply only to the WhatsApp Business solution (WhatsApp Business API).


Before you can send WhatsApp messages to a user, you must first obtain opt-in permission to confirm that they want to receive messages from you on WhatsApp. The opt-in must (a) clearly state that the person has chosen to receive messages from you via WhatsApp, and (b) clearly state your business name. As a merchant, you are solely responsible for determining the method by which users opt-in can be determined.

Acceptable Message Types

You may only initiate chats using approved message templates (as defined in the Documentation). Any message template must comply with WhatsApp's Terms and these Policies and may only be used for its designated purpose. WhatsApp reserves the right to review, approve, and reject any message template at any time.

If a user initiates a chat with you, you can continue that conversation through WhatsApp within 24 hours after that user last sent you a message for free (the "24-hour window"). After the 24-hour window, you can only send messages using approved message templates, for which WhatsApp will charge an appropriate fee.

When responding to messages within 24 hours, you can use automation, but you must also have prompts available, and clear and direct escalation paths to a live agent. These escalation paths include:

  • Transfer to a human agent during chat
  • telephone number
  • e-mail
  • Web support (on commercial websites)
  • In-store visits (e.g., visits to retail stores, bank branches)
  • Supported forms

Protect data and comply with regulations

  • You are responsible for and must obtain all necessary notices, permissions and consents before collecting, using and sharing users' content and information, including maintaining a posted privacy policy, and otherwise complying with applicable laws.

  • Other than the content of message threads, do not use any data obtained from communications with users through WhatsApp for any purpose other than as reasonably needed to support customer communications.

  • Do not share or ask users to share full personal payment card numbers, financial account numbers, personal identification numbers, or other sensitive information.

  • Do not use WhatsApp for telemedicine or to send or request any health information. If such information is posted, the platform may limit the flow of traffic.

  • You may not forward or otherwise share information from a Customer Chat with any other Customer.

Prohibited organizations and content

  • WhatsApp prohibits organizations or individuals engaged in terrorist activities or organized crime from using the WhatsApp Business product.

  • WhatsApp prohibits the use of the WhatsApp Business product to further or organize criminal activity, including physical, financial or other harm to people, businesses or animals.

  • Organizations must not discriminate or imply preference or disfavor based on personal characteristics, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, color, national origin, citizenship, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, familial status, marital status, disability, or genetic status. Organizations must comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination.

  • Organizations that primarily publish news content must register as a News Page through Facebook.

  • If your primary business is goods and services that are already prohibited under the Business Policy, WhatsApp may prohibit your organization from using the WhatsApp Business product.

  • Messages must not contain offensive content, such as pornography, which is determined by WhatsApp.

Implementation of the policy

  • WhatsApp may limit or cancel your access to or use of WhatsApp Business Products if you receive excessive negative feedback, cause harm to WhatsApp or its users, or violate or encourage others to violate WhatsApp's terms or policies.

  • If you violate WhatsApp's terms or policies in the course of conducting your business, such as sending messages to users on a large scale in an unauthorized manner, WhatsApp reserves the right to limit or cancel your access to the WhatsApp service.

The above is the main content about the compliance of WhatsApp product operation behavior. If you are doing business on WhatsApp, please be familiar with the above series of policies related to WhatsApp Business. This is an important indicator to avoid your account being banned and an important reference to help you better conduct business activities on WhatsApp. Later, we will introduce you how to reduce customer complaints by adding an unsubscribe button. If your company is also facing such troubles, please continue to pay attention to our push content.

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