How to operate private domain through WhatsApp?

At present, more and more cross-border sellers are adopting the strategies of " private domain traffic marketing " and " conversational marketing " to improve sales performance.

The instant messaging app WhatsApp is widely seen as an ideal tool for implementing both strategies.

Through WhatsApp, cross-border sellers can retain more loyal consumers, establish close relationships with them, and thus increase sales.

Today, I will show you in detail how to operate private domain through WhatsApp .

Create a brand identity

In order to successfully communicate with your (potential) customers on WhatsApp, you need to create an attractive brand image. After downloading WhatsApp,

Remember to create your business name → select your business group → add business pictures → fill in your description to highlight the brand.

This brand image can be a customized brand character or a virtual character that represents your company's image.

If you want to use WhatsApp for customer support, you can create a unique number for the feature and create a real customer support person (such as SS Customer Service Account Manager Big S) to manage the feature. Doing so can make the conversation more personal and give it a real feel, even though different people may be handling customer issues.

When users feel that they are communicating with a real person, they will be more likely to trust you and be more willing to share product information, ask questions, etc. It is recommended to avoid changing the group name frequently to prevent consumers from getting lost.

Find the right audience

Next, it’s time to start thinking about how to reach your audience. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to search for user names or pay to acquire users, so you need to actively add users’ numbers or encourage users to actively add your number.

1. Make good use of QR codes

If you are a seller, then QR codes will provide you with a convenient way to easily communicate with customers, provide coupons, track event appeal, and even receive complaints. Now, you can start a chat with your customers by simply scanning the QR code displayed by the merchant on the storefront, product packaging, or receipt, which helps you quickly save contact information without having to manually save their numbers and names.

2. Drain traffic from the public domain to the private domain

Social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have extensive public domain traffic. Companies can carry out social media marketing activities based on these platforms, collect data from the public domain, convert it into your private domain traffic, and operate private domain traffic in WhatsApp to achieve transactions, repeat purchases, and referrals.

3. Value exchange attracts customers to actively add

Another common approach is to offer something of value in exchange for the customer’s phone number, such as a free gift, valuable information, or a promotion, making it easy for people to share their phone number. With automation, you can send them promotional offers right away. (However, remember to not just send promotional messages, but try to engage with them from the beginning so you can start building a relationship.)

Group customers and provide corresponding content

WhatsApp group messaging is a highly efficient marketing method. You can create groups with up to 256 members, and each account can create an unlimited number of groups. Or you can share the group chat link and use the method mentioned in the second step. When grouping, you should consider the characteristics of the group and the rules to follow to create the group. Refer to successful private domain community operations, and interact with customers in a variety of ways based on your own situation to get them involved in your products or brands. Common ways of interaction include:

Content Operations

Share and discuss topics that customers are interested in (topics related to your products), such as fitness, beauty, fashion, travel, digital product reviews, etc.

User fission

Encourage customers to post positive reviews, promote products on their personal social media, and give users coupons or free products as benefits to guide new users to join the group/buy in the store.

Product Optimization

Collect customers' demands for product optimization/new products, discover the problems customers encounter in your product application scenarios, and work hard to solve them.

However, if one person manages many group chats and sometimes has to conduct one-on-one private chats, it will inevitably feel difficult.

It is worth mentioning that SaleSmartly recently supports sending and receiving WhatsApp groups and social messages, and manages group chats and private conversations through team collaboration.

WhatsApp private domain traffic is the trend of future business growth and sales, so we need to pay attention to and cultivate private domain operation thinking.

SaleSmartly provides professional, localized and targeted WhatsApp overall solutions.

Through detailed interaction with customers, we build a private traffic pool for enterprises, improve purchase conversion rates, and help cross-border e-commerce companies quickly occupy new positions in overseas private traffic marketing.

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