WhatsApp + SaleSmartly automation, there are surprises you don’t know!

What is “instant reply” (automatic reply) all about?

"If a mobile web page is slower than 3 seconds, 53% of users will choose to leave the site." - Google Research

At the same time, as the dominant social media app, WhatsApp's functions are increasingly moving towards business communication. One of the noteworthy features is WhatsApp's automatic reply.

Making good use of WhatsApp’s automatic reply function to reply to customers immediately not only lets customers know that you have received their messages, but also helps you reduce repeated FAQs, freeing up time and manpower for other customers.

WhatsApp built-in function to set up automatic replies

WhatsApp Business itself has a built-in function for setting automatic replies, but it is limited to the following two situations. I will give you a brief introduction and you can try it first.

Away Message

Away messages can be set for when the customer service is busy, out of the office, or not with the phone. When a customer sends you a message, the system will automatically send your default away message. In this function, you can set a specific time and specify the recipient.

【Setting method】

1. Go to Settings > Business Tools > Away Message

2. Turn on Send Away Message

3. Click below the email to start editing

Tips: Please note that the away message will only be sent when the mobile network connection is normal.

Greeting Message

Setting up a greeting message will help you take better care of your customers' needs. In addition to automatically replying to customers when they send you a message for the first time, you can also use this function to re-contact customers who you haven't spoken to for more than 14 days.

【Setting method】

1. Go to More Options > Business Tools > Greeting Message.

2. Enable Greeting Messages

3. Click below the email to start editing

This feature has helped businesses improve customer engagement. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of autoresponders here, including:

  • Automatic replies cannot be customized for different groups of recipients
  • Away messages are only valid outside predefined working hours
  • No support for third-party software integration to provide further automation

Just like the free automatic replies mentioned above are only "leave message" and "greeting message". Such automation is obviously not enough to help you retain most customers or even conduct marketing.

At this time, you need a technical expert from a third-party platform .

Fancy WhatsApp Auto Reply - Choose SaleSmartly

Don’t want to only have “Away Message” and “Hello Message” as options? Want to automate WhatsApp in more business scenarios? You can try the automated process function on the SaleSmartly platform.

The usage is simple and versatile. You only need to conceive and create an automated process - including [trigger, trigger condition, trigger information], and then associate it with your integrated WhatsApp number for triggering, and you can achieve seamless automated reception of the robot in the WhatsApp conversation 24 hours a day!

It is worth mentioning that SaleSmartly currently not only supports automated replies for the WhatsApp API channel, but also supports automated replies for the WhatsApp APP channel in the latest optimization this week.

So, how can you use WhatsApp automated replies? Here are a few examples.

Welcome new customers

Can be used to welcome new customers to your business. Messages can be sent once a customer starts a conversation with your team.

Set up an out-of-hours message

Away messages are automatically sent every time a customer contacts your business outside of business hours, ensuring no customer message goes unnoticed to keep customer engagement high.

Customer FAQ

You can create customer FAQ keywords to send as responses when customers contact you with common questions.

Automatically assign customer service sessions

When you have a large volume of business inquiries, you can set up WhatsApp conversations to automatically assign customer service to improve response efficiency.

Share discounts and offers

Automatically share discounts and offers to customers, notify customers of available discounts and offers. WhatsApp messages have a high open rate and active users of the app prefer to receive promotional messages on WhatsApp than on any other channel.

How to set up WhatsApp automated replies in SaleSmartly

1. Integrated account

Log in to SaleSmartly and integrate your WhatsApp API number/ WhatsApp APP number.

2. Create automated processes

On the [Automation - Automated Process] page, select triggers, such as new visitors, keywords, timeouts , etc., connect the automated information [text/image/video/audio], and create an automated process.

3. Triggering process

Click Save Process to directly associate the WhatsApp number to trigger it, or click [Edit Automation] in the WhatsApp number list and select the process to associate.

All in all, WhatsApp automation can help you increase customer retention and conversion rates while reducing your money and time costs . Why not give it a try?

Sign up now for a free trial.

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