How to open Instagram Shop and operate and maintain it

As one of the most popular social media software, Instagram is used by more than 500 million people every day and is a favorite marketing treasure for brands and companies. In order to expand their business, Instagram has added an e-commerce feature, Instagram Shop, which provides users with a platform to browse and purchase products directly in the app. Users can learn about related products by browsing pictures and videos, and then directly click on the purchase link to complete the transaction. This seamless shopping experience can save users' time and energy.



Instagram Shop Opening Requirements


1. Instagram professional accounts must comply with Instagram's Terms of Use and Community Guidelines .

Failure to comply with our policies may result in loss of access to the interface or account deactivation.


2. Instagram professional accounts must include product transaction posts that allow customers to shop directly on the website.

Instagram professional accounts must be able to provide domain ownership information. To confirm domain ownership, we will ask you to complete our domain verification process. (Demonstration video included)


3. Instagram professional accounts must be in the specified region.

Please see the image below for specific regions. Instagram checkout is currently only available in the United States.


4. Professional Instagram account with a good image and reputation. It is best to have a certain number of followers and interactions.


5. Clearly display the refund and return policy and do not include misleading pricing and inventory information.


Steps to open Instagram Shop


1. Switch your Instagram account to a professional account

(1) Find [Switch to Professional Mode] in Settings.


(2) Select the account type and choose the merchant option.


(3) Select business category: Product/Service


(4) Then fill in the relevant business information. If you need to display the contact information on the homepage, remember to check the [Show contact information] at the bottom.


2. Connect Instagram with Facebook

(1) Find the Account Management Center in Settings


(2) Just add an account


3. Upload product information

In order to better display your business's products in Instagram Shop, you need to submit a product catalog or list to the platform. The list must contain detailed information about all the products you sell, including important information such as product name, inventory quantity and description.

If you already have a Facebook Store, you can upload your product catalog to your Facebook Business Page in the Facebook Business Manager page, and it will be synced directly to Instagram Shop.

If you don’t have a Facebook store, you can directly synchronize the products of your online store to your Facebook page. Currently, Instagram Shop has been certified by e-commerce cooperation platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. You can directly bind your Facebook homepage in Shopify Store, and you can also upload product information to Instagram Shop.


4. Official review

Product catalog association is better than that, go to your Instagram profile, follow the corresponding steps and submit it for review.

Account review usually takes some time to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information submitted. Usually this process takes a few days. The official may require additional information to verify the ownership of the corporate website domain. If you receive such a notice, just follow the official prompts to complete the verification process.


5. Set up automatic replies

When facing multiple messages in Instagram Shop’s private messages and comments channels, you can directly link your Instagram account to the SaleSmartly system to reply in one place. When there are too many messages, you can also [Edit Automation], SaleSmartly will help you automatically reply to Instagram messages, easily handle a large number of messages, and timely replying to messages is also conducive to better customer retention.


6. Synchronize customer information

SaleSmartly has optimized the information synchronization function, which can synchronize the customer's information before using the SaleSmartly system to the session, making it easier for the company to manage. In the session, the company can also mark and classify customers.


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