A comprehensive analysis of LINE account suspension: reasons, judgment methods and appeal channels

There are two aspects of being blocked in LINE: one is that you are blocked by friends, and the other is that you are blocked by the official platform. Usually users use "suspension" to represent the official blocking of LINE. In actual operation, the so-called suspension does not mean that your account is completely unusable, but you cannot send messages to friends, which is more like "banning". Interestingly, although LINE officials cannot send texts, you can still contact friends through voice or video calls. These communication methods are not affected, but text messages will not be received by the other party.


Why was I blocked by LINE?

1. Blocked/reported by the other party when adding a friend

When adding a friend using a LINE ID or phone number, the other party can choose to accept the friend request, block or report. The block here is only a friend-level block, I can no longer send messages to the other party or apply to be their friend again; if the report is successful, the LINE official will suspend the account (block the account), but the report may not be 100% successful, and the LINE official still needs to verify it.



2. Sending inappropriate messages during chat

During the chat, users also have the right to report others, and can choose the reason for the report, including spamming, sending pornographic messages, harassment or other violations. Just long press the message you agree is illegal, and you will find the [Report] button. If it is a computer version, click the right button of the mouse.


3. Sending a lot of the same information

In addition to other people reporting your chat content, LINE officials must also have relevant screening mechanisms. If you send a large number of identical messages in a short period of time, LINE officials are likely to block your account (including mobile phone and number), and you will never be able to use LINE again. Therefore, you need to pay special attention when sending group messages on LINE. Use the group messaging software SaleSmartly that can set the group messaging frequency, set it to rest for a few seconds after sending each message , and wait longer after sending dozens of messages.


How to determine whether you have been officially suspended by LINE?

After your account is suspended (blocked) by LINE, only the "Send Message" function will be affected. Other functions such as changing name/avatar, voice/video calls, update logs, adding photos to the homepage, posting, editing dynamic messages, etc. will not be affected, and other people can see any changes you make normally. Only the sent message cannot be received by others. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether you have been suspended (blocked) in daily life. You can check it according to the following three dimensions:


1. Unable to create new groups or communities.

2. When you send a message to someone, the other party will never read it.

3. Unable to log in on the mobile version, but can log in on the computer version.



How to unblock your account after being suspended by LINE

1. Write to LINE official

Please report your situation to LINE staff through the following official website


2. Find LINE’s live customer service

Open this URL , open the friend option in the LINE app, click the "Add Friend" button in the upper right corner and scan.


Note: It is not easy to unblock a LINE account. LINE officials have strict management on this. And after LINE officials suspend your account, they will automatically delete your account, so it is more troublesome to restore it later.




common problem

Can I restore my account after filing an appeal?

Restoring a blocked LINE account is not guaranteed to be successful, as each case will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you believe the block was made in error or there are special circumstances, you can submit an appeal to LINE officials to resolve the issue.


What should I do if I cannot log into my LINE account but I believe I have not violated the Terms of Use?

If you believe your LINE account has been blocked or suspended in error, you can file an appeal with LINE to resolve the issue. In your appeal, please detail your situation and provide relevant evidence to prove that you have not violated the Terms of Use.


If my LINE account is blocked or suspended, can I create a new account?

If your LINE account is blocked or suspended, you may not be able to create a new account immediately. LINE has certain security measures to prevent blocked or suspended users from creating new accounts. You will need to resolve the blockage or suspension before you can register a new account again.

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