How to use LINE web version (including a summary of LINE web version features)

If you want to use LINE on your computer but find it cumbersome to download the client, the LINE web version is your best choice. However, the LINE web version has fewer ways to use it than other platforms. So today, let's talk about how we can use LINE on our computer.


Why choose LINE Web

In a fast-paced work environment, efficiency is key. That’s why LINE Web has become the first choice for many users. Here are a few reasons to choose it:

  1. Seamless workflow integration :

    • When using a computer, there is no need to frequently switch devices. You can reply to LINE messages directly through the browser to improve work efficiency.
  2. Simplified installation process :

    • As a browser extension, it can be installed quickly without complicated settings and is easy to use.
  3. Covering core functions :

    • Provides basic communication functions such as sending messages, pictures and video calls to meet daily needs.
  4. Lightweight solution :

    • Reduce the usage of computer resources and keep the system running smoothly. It is suitable for users who pursue minimalism.


How to use LINE web version

1. You need to use the Chrome browser and select [Visit Chrome App Store] in [Extensions].

Chrome browser is currently the only way to log in to the official LINE web version


2. After clicking on LINE, find [Add to Chrome]


3. Confirm to add LINE to the extension


4. After the installation is successful, find the extension logo in the upper right corner of the page and find LINE.


5. Fill in your information or scan the QR code with your mobile LINE app to log in.



Features of LINE Web

1. The LINE web version only supports viewing messages within the past 2 weeks

2. You can share your screen directly during a video call

3. You can make the conversation content bold, add a red frame, etc. to help the other party identify the key content. However, this text effect cannot be displayed in the mobile version of Line


Log in to LINE with multiple accounts

Nowadays, whether you are doing social platform traffic diversion or e-commerce platform and independent website, multi-account operation is a must. Especially for enterprises, one employee may manage multiple accounts or multiple employees may manage a batch of accounts at the same time. If you switch accounts frequently, it will not only be troublesome but also easily lead to account ban.

Although the LINE web version brings a lot of convenience to office workers, the limitation of only being able to query information within 2 weeks is not very friendly to enterprises. Because it often takes a period of time to negotiate with customers, 2 weeks obviously cannot meet the needs of enterprises, so a basic tool of social media software SaleSmartly is needed.

The integration method is very simple. Just open SaleSmartly, then find LINE in [Integration] and add your account. For detailed tutorials, please refer to: How to integrate Line - SaleSmartly Help Center



If you want to use LINE on your computer, you can rely on the above two modes. Both the official and SaleSmartly have their own advantages. You can choose according to your business requirements. And both of the above methods require you to register an account on the LINE mobile app in advance. You must prepare your account before using the computer version.

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