Learn to use Facebook Messenger: Step-by-step guide to configuring Messenger to help promote marketing

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging software developed by Meta specifically for Facebook. It was originally a built-in chat function of Facebook. Now Messenger has developed into an independent application with more than one billion active users, becoming one of the most popular communication tools in the world.

Facebook Messenger is not limited to personal communication, but also an important tool in the business field. Businesses can use Messenger to interact with customers in real time, provide customer support, send update notifications, and even make direct sales. In addition, Messenger's advertising platform also provides an effective way for businesses to reach potential customers.


How do I enable Facebook Messenger?

1. Log in to your Facebook account and click here to create a public page. Fill in the public page, category and personal signature, and then create a public page.


2. If you want your homepage to have a dedicated URL, you can click here to set it up, and then you can get an exclusive customized URL to help customers find your homepage better.



How to get customers to find you through Facebook Messenger?

1. Embed chat plugin

Use SaleSmartly to embed the Messenger chat plugin into your website, so that customers can communicate with you directly on your website. Conversation messages will be saved in the SaleSmartly system, and you can reply to them centrally. For specific settings, please refer to this tutorial .



2. Messenger link

You can establish contact directly through a link. This method is suitable for promoting your Facebook account on other platforms, such as adding it to the profile of other social media platforms, email content, or personal website. Users can directly contact you by clicking on the link.

The link format is https://m.me/your username


Tips for using Facebook Messenger to promote your marketing

1. Customize auto-replies to increase response rates

Use Messenger's auto-reply feature to respond to users' initial inquiries instantly. For example, when users send a message to your business page, the auto-reply can immediately inform them of the pre-set answer, effectively reducing the loss of customers due to not receiving a timely response.

How to set it up: Go to the automation management backend of the Facebook Messenger public page , click [Create Automation Rules], and then select [Instant Replies] and [Frequently Asked Questions].


The difference between the two:

【Instant Reply】: Triggered when the user sends you a message

[FAQ]: This can be triggered only when users send the same/similar questions.



2. Use Click to Messenger to attract potential customers

By setting up Messenger ads - Click to Messenger , you can direct potential customers directly to the private chat page. This advertising strategy is suitable for promoting new products or special events. After users click on the ad, they can interact directly with your brand.


3. Create a Messenger bot to improve user experience

Messenger bots can help us handle routine inquiries, provide personalized recommendations, and even complete the sales process. For example, companies can use Messenger bots to display product catalogs, answer user questions, and guide users to complete purchases.


4. Keep users engaged with group messaging

Use Messenger's group messaging feature to regularly send the latest news or discount information to all subscribed users. This is suitable for notifying users of daily updates or promotions. Messenger group messaging can be done directly through SaleSmartly , selecting all customers in the account at once and sending information uniformly to activate customers on a daily basis.



5. Optimize your Messenger marketing strategy through data analysis

After sending a mass message on SaleSmartly, you can use the system’s built-in data analysis tools to track new customer data and old customer reception data, and use the data to adjust your message content and sending time to increase user engagement.


6. Use Messenger to Preview and Remind Events

Create an event page for your upcoming event and remind users of the event details and time through Messenger. This is suitable for online seminars, product launches, and other events that require user participation.


common problem

How to manage privacy settings on Facebook Messenger?

Access and manage privacy settings in the Facebook Messenger app's settings. Settings allow users to control who can send you messages, who can see your online status, and other privacy-related options.


How to create a group chat in Facebook Messenger?

Open the Facebook Messenger app and tap the Compose button in the top right corner. Type the name of the person you want to invite in the input box, select their name and start chatting.


How to delete sent messages in Facebook Messenger?

Long press on the message you want to delete and select the "Delete" option. Please note that deleted messages will only be deleted on your device and the other party will still be able to see them.

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