Three ways to easily set up LINE automatic replies

Author: Sicily Choi

When you are busy at work or enjoying your vacation, LINE's automatic reply can help you tell your friends that you will reply to their messages later.

When a customer asks you questions late at night or during busy hours, LINE automatic replies can help you handle some common questions and tell customers the business hours of manual customer service.

For organizers who frequently hold events, LINE auto-replies can be a quick way to communicate upcoming events or important notifications.

In short, LINE automatic reply is like your personal assistant, which can help you keep communication open at any time and improve communication efficiency.


How to set up LINE automatic reply

There are currently three ways to set up LINE automatic replies.


The first two require LINE official accounts to set up, while SaleSmartly supports setting up automatic replies for LINE personal accounts and LINE official accounts.


Set up LINE automatic replies via the LINE App

1. Click "AI automatic reply message"

※ If the "New Features" page appears, please click "Start Setup"


2. You can choose "FAQ" or "Basic Information" and click on the message content you want to set.


3. Select the type of message you want to set. LINE automatic replies cover a variety of message types: text, stickers, photos, coupons, rich text, rich video messages, videos, voice, questionnaires, and card messages.


4. Enter the LINE automatic reply message content and click "Save".


Set up LINE automatic replies through the LINE official account management page


1. In the automatic reply settings, you can switch between "Chatbot" and "Chat" modes, and turn on or off the "Welcome message for adding friends" and "Automatic reply message" functions.

"Chatbot" mode : 24/7 automatic response settings are used

"Chat" mode : The chatbot will only be turned on at designated times, and you need to reply to messages yourself at other times


2. Click "Settings" in the upper right corner of the account, and then select "Reply Settings" on the left to enter the settings page.


3. Click "Auto Reply Message" on the homepage, and then click Create to add a new automatic reply message.


4. Enter the page for creating an automatic reply message and set the message content. Click "Save" after confirmation.


5. You can manage it in the list later.



Set up LINE auto-reply with SaleSmartly

Since the LINE platform only provides the automatic reply function for official accounts, ordinary individual users who also want to use this convenient service can consider integrating their LINE accounts into SaleSmartly . Through SaleSmartly, even individual users can enjoy the communication convenience brought by automatic replies, which can not only automatically answer common questions but also send scheduled messages to groups.

Compared with the basic automatic reply function provided by LINE, SaleSmartly supports a smarter way of playing. Not only can it trigger replies through keywords, but more importantly, its built-in AI intelligent recognition enables it to understand user intentions. This means that even if the user's question does not directly mention a specific keyword, as long as the question involves relevant topics or meanings, SaleSmartly can intelligently capture it and make a corresponding automatic reply.


1. Click "Automated Process" , select the LINE channel, choose whether you need a template, and then click Next.


2. Configure "trigger", "information", "condition" and "action" according to your needs



common problem

How accurate is LINE's automatic reply recognition technology?

The accuracy of LINE's automatic reply depends on the complexity of the rules set and the technology used. If a tool with advanced AI algorithms is integrated, such as SaleSmartly, the automatic reply system can more accurately identify user intent, even if the user's question does not directly use specific keywords.


After enabling the LINE auto-reply function, do I still need to monitor the conversation manually?

Even if the auto-reply function is enabled, it is recommended that companies should still monitor the flow of conversations so that they can intervene and respond to complex inquiries or critical customer feedback that are beyond the scope of the auto-reply function. This helps maintain high-quality customer service standards.

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