A detailed guide to building TikTok's overseas operating environment

Author: Sicily Choi

TikTok 's popularity in overseas markets has made it an indispensable channel for global brand marketing. Especially in overseas markets, TikTok is in a bonus period, with the official providing a large amount of low-cost traffic and broad growth space. But to conduct brand marketing on this platform, the first step is to learn how to correctly set up the TikTok account environment to ensure that your operations can proceed smoothly.


Why build TikTok's overseas operating environment?

Download and access restrictions

Due to policy or copyright issues, TikTok is not available in domestic app stores. Therefore, you need to change the IP region to access the App Store or Google Play Store in other countries to download the TikTok app.


Connect to the correct server

TikTok may connect users to the nearest server based on their IP address. Using an overseas IP address ensures that you are connected to a server in your target market, which improves the performance and speed of the app.


Content and recommendation algorithms

TikTok's content recommendation algorithm may display relevant content based on the user's geographic location. Changing the IP region can help obtain content recommendations in the target market and make the account content more relevant to the interests of local users.


Advertising and marketing activities

By changing the IP address, you can ensure that advertising and marketing campaigns target the correct region and target the audience more accurately.


The preparation stage for setting up the TikTok operating environment

Format your phone

Android system

  • Open Settings app.
  • Find "System" (it may be "Backup and reset" or "Storage" on some devices).
  • Select "Reset options" / "Factory data reset".
  • Tap Erase all data/factory reset.
  • Confirm that you want to delete all data and tap "Reset phone" or similar.



  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to General > Reset.
  • Select Erase All Content and Settings.
  • If you have set up a passcode or Face ID/Touch ID, you will be asked to verify it.
  • Confirm your choice and wait for the device to restart.


Initial Setup

1. Turn off personalized ads and location services

  • During the initial setup process, when asked whether to enable location services, select "Don't Allow".
  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising and turn on Limit Ad Tracking .


2. Manually adjust time and language settings to match your target market

  • In Settings, go to General > Language & Region and select the language and region that corresponds to your target market.
  • The time and date can be set manually if necessary to ensure consistency with your target market.




TikTok installation and configuration

1. Create or obtain a foreign Apple ID

Because TikTok, as the overseas version of Douyin, cannot be downloaded in the domestic environment. You need to register a foreign Apple ID to access the App Store of a specific country or region. And for operating TikTok, apps downloaded using a foreign Apple ID will automatically connect to the server in the region, which helps to improve the local relevance of the account.


2. Register Google Mail

  • Select "Create Account" and fill in the requested personal information, including name, username, and password.
  • Fill in your mobile number and enter the verification code to complete the verification
  • Read and agree to Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to complete the registration process.

3. Download TikTok

  • Make sure you are logged in to your foreign Apple ID and connected to the VPN (remember to select global mode).
  • Search for “TikTok” in the App Store.
  • Once you find the official TikTok app, tap “Get” to download and install it.
  • Use your registered Google email address to register a TikTok account.

Note: When selecting your date of birth, make sure you are 18 years of age or older.


How to maintain a stable environment when operating multiple TikTok accounts

When operating multiple TikTok accounts, frequent account switching can easily lead to account stability issues, such as abnormal logins, account restrictions, etc. Especially for accounts operated by overseas IPs, ensuring the stability of the account can prevent being blocked or restricted by the platform, which seriously affects operational efficiency and content promotion effects.

Salesmartly provides a centralized solution that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time. Currently, it can integrate mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook , Instagram and Twitter , and TikTok will be launched soon. Salesmartly's one-stop management platform allows you to switch and operate multiple accounts in a single interface without frequent login and logout. This reduces the security alerts that may be triggered by frequent account switching and maintains the stability of the account.


With Salesmartly, you can set up a series of automated tasks, such as scheduled posting, automatic replies, etc., to improve operational efficiency. Automation tools can also help you keep your account active without having to constantly switch to operate manually.


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