Want to divert TikTok traffic to private domains? Don’t miss the LINE app

I believe that all overseas sellers are familiar with TikTok's account blocking behavior. Sometimes you wake up and find that all your accounts are gone, and it takes a long time to unblock them one by one. This instability has caused many overseas sellers to start looking for other platforms, hoping to divert TikTok's traffic to a safer and more private place.

Directing traffic to private domains is currently a more mainstream method. The regions and apps that carry private domain traffic are mainly divided into: Japan and Taiwan ( LINE ), Southeast Asia (LINE, FaceBook and WhatsApp), Europe and the United States (WhatsApp), and South Korea (Kakao). Today, we will take LINE as an example to talk about how to direct TikTok traffic to private domains, why to choose LINE, how to use LINE for marketing, and how to manage LINE customers.

How to drive traffic to private domains on TikTok

1. Register an official LINE account

Remember that it is the official account, then put the official LINE account link in the homepage link, and guide customers to click the link to add LINE friends to purchase products.

2. Add LINE to TikTok homepage

Add our LINE account in the TikTok homepage profile to guide customers to purchase the products they are interested in by adding LINE friends. You can also guide them in video comments and video titles.

It should be noted that: do not leave your number directly, as it is likely to violate the rules. Try to use emojis and numbers instead, which can also reduce the probability of violations. Or you can leave a link directly, which is currently the safest way.

Why choose LINE

1. Free and widely used

LINE is a free social tool that allows users to send text messages and make phone calls for free without any time limit. With the free nature of LINE, users can interact with each other anytime and anywhere. Moreover, LINE is widely used around the world, especially in Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia.

2. High tolerance for advertising

Compared to other social platforms, LINE is more tolerant. As long as the advertisement is not particularly illegal, it will generally pass the review. Even if the advertisement fails the review, the user's account will not be banned. Therefore, the risk of LINE being banned is relatively small compared to other social media platforms.

3. You can join the group to attract traffic

LINE groups are an important way to attract customers. You can join some LINE groups, each of which can have thousands of members. After joining these groups, you can naturally meet more potential customers.

4. It has a group messaging function

The LINE mass messaging tool can be used to send push messages to marketing targets efficiently and accurately. It can also be used to understand customer needs and better utilize the LINE mass messaging tool to convert users.

How to use LINE for marketing

1. Create a LINE official account

Merchants can set up their own LINE official accounts to shape their brand image and build relationships with customers. Through the official account function, merchants can publish the latest product information, promotional activities, etc. to attract customers' attention and participation.

2. Use LINE’s dynamic messaging function

Merchants can use dynamic messages to spread product information to LINE users. Dynamic messages can be displayed in users' chat lists, attracting attention and promoting interaction between users and merchants. Merchants can send attractive messages regularly to increase user engagement through interaction and sharing.

3. Integrate online payment functions

LINE has cooperated with multiple payment institutions to provide users with convenient online payment services. Merchants can use this function to provide multiple payment methods, allowing users to purchase products directly on LINE, thereby increasing purchase conversion rates and sales.

4. Use LINE advertising platform

LINE provides an advertising platform where merchants can display ads on LINE to increase brand exposure and product sales. Merchants can choose the appropriate advertising format based on different needs and target groups, and use the data analysis tools provided by LINE to evaluate advertising effectiveness.

How to manage LINE customers

The main way to manage LINE customers is through the backend of LINE business accounts. LINE business accounts are somewhat similar to our WeChat public accounts. There will be a lot of information from different channels, such as private messages, comments, etc., so how to manage these customer information becomes a problem at this time. If a company has multiple LINE business accounts, it will be more difficult to manage. Next, let's talk about how we integrate the information of multiple accounts and then assign them to different employees.

1. Integrated account

If you want to know the information of each LINE account in time, you have to find a tool that can aggregate all accounts. SaleSmartly, as an omni-channel customer communication platform, can aggregate multiple LINE accounts. Not only that, it can also aggregate social media platform accounts such as livechat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Email, and WeChat. Therefore, if sellers have many LINE accounts, they can first integrate their accounts into this platform for unified management.

2. Assign information

After integrating all accounts, SaleSmartly will synchronize all the information in the account to this platform. It can automatically assign information to different employees or wait for employees to claim the information themselves. In addition, some basic information such as greetings can also be directly set for robots to reply, reducing the pressure on manual customer service.

After assigning the information, we can see all the customer information on the far right, including source, language, region, etc. We can also customize some customer tags to help us remember customers better and avoid mistakes.

3. Set up AI reply

In addition to basic questions, some professional FAQs can also be answered automatically. Add common questions and answers to the "AI corpus" in SaleSmartly . When a customer asks these questions in LINE, SaleSmartly can automatically find keywords in the FAQ document and use AI to integrate an answer to feedback to the customer.


For overseas sellers, LINE is a good high-quality platform with advantageous resources and high tolerance for advertising. Friends who are doing TikTok may wish to slowly start the transformation and attract traffic to LINE's private domain. After all, it is always better to attract traffic here than on the high seas, and the food in the bowl is yours.

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