Introduction and usage of WhatsApp broadcast/group messaging function

If you want to send a message to multiple customers, the WhatsApp broadcast function can help you. WhatsApp's broadcast function allows you to send the same message to multiple contacts, and these contacts will not know that you have sent the same message to other contacts. Therefore, the broadcast function is very suitable for sending notifications or announcements to multiple people at once, such as offline event notifications, internal company notifications, the latest product releases, etc. With the broadcast function, you can communicate with multiple people quickly and conveniently, saving time and energy.


Introduction to WhatsApp Broadcast/Group Message Function


You may be unfamiliar with the term "broadcast function", but it is easy to understand if it is changed to "group messaging function". Information posted through the broadcast list will directly reach the recipient's "conversation list", and the recipient will not find that you sent it through the broadcast function, which is the same as when we use the group messaging function in WeChat. This function can easily check the viewing status of messages, clearly understand who has read the message and who has not read it, and can also detect the status of friends in time, whether they have been blocked/deleted.

Please note that only people who have added you as a contact in their address book can receive broadcast/group messages. If the other party does not receive the broadcast/group message, please confirm whether they are friends with you. Broadcast list is a one-to-many call method, so if you want members to be able to participate in group conversations, you should create a group.



WhatsApp Create a Broadcast List


1. Click [More Options] in the upper right corner and select [Create New Broadcast]

2. Select the members to join the broadcast list by long pressing the friend's portrait (up to 256 people can be selected)

3. Then confirm



WhatsApp Edit Broadcast List


1. Select [Broadcast List Media] from [More Options] in the Broadcast List.

2. You can edit recipients, change broadcast list names, and delete broadcast lists


WhatsApp Business account group messaging feature


If you want to broadcast/send group messages as a business, you can use the WhatsApp Business account. First of all, the business account is more convincing, and we can add relevant business information to the business account to help customers understand the product and brand.

The most convenient thing is that the WhatsApp Business account has a [labeling] function, which allows you to send messages to specific groups of people directly based on labels and clearly distinguish different groups of people.



Limitations and solutions of WhatsApp broadcast/group messaging functions


Whether it is the personal version or the business version of WhatsApp, you can only select up to 256 users when sending group messages. Even the business version can only be logged in with one mobile phone and four web versions/computers, which is far from enough for large-scale businesses. Therefore, you need to log in to SaleSmartly to assist enterprises in WhatsApp group sending.


1. Log in to the SaleSmartly website, find [Integration]-WhatsApp App/WhatsApp API-[Add Device]. For the personal and business versions, you only need to scan the QR code through the mobile app to log in. For the API version, please refer to this tutorial in the Help Center.


2. Find Create a group message plan in [Group Message] and select the WhatsApp channel. You can select multiple audiences at the same time through this channel, with no limit on the number of people, and the content is also compatible with multiple formats.


3. The recipients of the message can be filtered based on multiple attributes and behaviors, making it easier for employees to operate.




WhatsApp ’s broadcast list function is actually similar to WeChat’s group messaging function, except that it has a limit on the number of people. So if you need large-scale, high-frequency WhatsApp group messaging, you can directly choose to do it in SaleSmartly .

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