How to backup and restore WhatsApp conversation information

Author: Sicily Choi

Whether it's closing a deal or handling inquiries, WhatsApp is the go-to platform, often holding a wealth of transactional information. However, unlike other social media apps, WhatsApp doesn't automatically back up your chats in the background due to its end-to-end encryption. If you lose your phone or encounter a malfunction, retrieving your chat history can be quite a hassle. Today, let's talk about how to back up your WhatsApp chat information and restore it if lost.


WhatsApp Chat Backup for Android Phones

  1. Sign up for a Google account. Each account starts with 15GB of cloud storage, which you can check to see how much you've used.

  2. Tap on the "Settings" at the top right of WhatsApp.

  3. Navigate to "Chats" - "Chat backup".

  4. Choose "Back up to Google Drive" and link it to your Google account. This way, your WhatsApp messages will be automatically uploaded to Google Drive periodically.

  5. If you wish to manually back up in real-time, you can hit the green "BACK UP" button above.



WhatsApp Message Backup: iPhone

Apple systems do not need to download other software and can be backed up directly to iCloud.

1. Find [Conversation]-[Conversation Backup] in the settings

2. If you choose automatic backup, WhatsApp will back it up for you in real time. You can also choose to manually press the backup button immediately.




WhatsApp information restoration: iPhone/Android phone

1. Log in to the iCloud account/Google account and WhatsApp account backed up above on the new phone

2. After logging into WhatsApp, the system will prompt you [Do you want to restore WhatsApp data]

3. After selecting restore, WhatsApp will synchronize the previously backed up information to the new device.

WhatsApp export conversation information

1. Find [Conversation]-[Export Conversation] in the settings

2. Select the appropriate conversation and export method


Transfer WhatsApp conversation information from iPhone to Android

Only available on Samsung, Google Pixel, or devices running Android 12 or higher

1. Find [Transfer conversation to Android] from [Conversation]

2. Find a typec and lightning data cable and connect the two mobile phones respectively.

3. The following contents can be transferred:

account information
profile picture
personal conversation
group chat
Conversation record
Media and settings

Cross-device transfer needs to meet the following conditions, which can be referenced before transferring.



Transfer WhatsApp conversation information from Android to iPhone

1. Download a [Transfer to iOS] App on your Android phone and operate according to the system.

2. After the operation is completed, install the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone, and then log in with the same phone.



Synchronize WhatsApp conversation information between multiple accounts

In actual operations, each employee usually has several WhatsApp accounts. However, multiple accounts mean that you will encounter the following problems:

1. Multiple accounts need to be switched frequently when operating.

2. An account may be operated by multiple people, requiring frequent login changes.

3. The company cannot efficiently view transaction records between employees and customers

Therefore, when operating multiple WhatsApp accounts, it is necessary to use an integrated platform to aggregate these accounts and put all accounts in one system background to easily solve the above problems.

1. Open SaleSmartly and access all WhatsApp devices (you can access WhatsApp App account and WhatsApp Api account)


2. All conversation information can be found in [Online Chat] and can be classified according to different reception staff.

During the session, we can also set [session tag] and [visitor tag] according to different customers, so that employees can distinguish the type of customer and better carry out personalized marketing.

At the same time, SaleSmartly also has an online translation function, which can translate more than 200 languages ​​around the world according to needs, suitable for cross-border overseas enterprises in each region.

If employees are busy or temporarily unavailable, they can also set busy/offline status in the upper right corner.


3. Follow-up can be viewed directly in [Customer Management]


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