WhatsApp voting feature: a secret weapon to boost user engagement

As one of the most popular real-time communication tools in the world, WhatsApp not only provides the basic function of communication, but also adds practical functions such as voting according to user needs. Through WhatsApp's voting function, users can initiate a vote in the group and quickly collect information in an intuitive way. This function can not only improve the efficiency of group communication, but also ensure that the opinions of each group member are fully respected and considered. Whether it is arranging activities or other situations that require collective decision-making, WhatsApp's voting function can be of great help.


What is the role of WhatsApp voting function ?


  • Market Insights

  • Using the WhatsApp voting function, cross-border sellers can get direct feedback from consumers in the target market. This instant user feedback helps merchants gain a deeper understanding of consumer needs and preferences, thereby optimizing product lines and market strategies.
  • Product Optimization

  • Users can directly select and evaluate product lines. Sellers can analyze voting data to gain insights into user preferences and adjust or promote products in a targeted manner.
  • Marketing strategy adjustment

  • Users' voting results can help sellers determine which strategies are more popular and make more accurate marketing decisions.
  • Enhance user interaction

  • Users can directly express their opinions and preferences through voting. This sense of participation and interactivity helps to enhance users' loyalty and sense of belonging to the brand.



How to create a WhatsApp poll


1. Click the [Paperclip] button in the conversation box to find the voting function.

2. Set questions and options. You can choose whether you can select multiple options based on the specific question.

3. After sending to the conversation box, we can view the voting results in real time.


WhatsApp supports anonymous voting, ensuring users can express their opinions freely.



Collect form information via WhatsApp

If you need to collect more information, you can consider setting up a form. Compared to simple voting, setting up a form allows users to provide more detailed answers and opinions, thereby obtaining richer feedback. By adding various single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, text boxes and other fields to the form, you can effectively collect more data and make more targeted decisions based on this data.

Not only that, forms can also provide more flexibility and personalized options to meet the needs of various scenarios.


1. Open Google Form to create a form. You can set up the form according to your needs or use their preset templates.


2. Google Forms supports a variety of question formats, including short questions, paragraphs, single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, file uploads, etc. Diversified form formats allow users to provide more accurate and comprehensive information, and can also provide a better filling experience for different user needs and scenarios.


3. Google Forms has more settings. The columns on the right from top to bottom are Add Question, Import Question, Add Title and Description, Add Image, Add Video, and Add Section. You can also choose whether it is a required item below the question.


4. After filling in the form, you can press [Send] in the upper right corner, choose whether to collect email addresses, and then copy and send the link.


5. Open SaleSmartly and select Mass Messaging - WhatsApp channel / WhatsApp API channel.


6. You can filter out the users you want to send the form to, and then copy the copied Google form link to [Send Content]. In this way, you can send a message collection form to all WhatsApp customers at once, quickly collect a large number of user opinions, and provide valuable data support for product and service improvements.


Updates to WhatsApp voting feature

Setting up single-choice voting

This feature can be used when the initiator of the vote needs a deterministic result. Each participant can only cast one vote. When setting up the vote, just uncheck the "Allow multiple selections" option.

Quick location voting

When voting, users may need to think for a while before making a choice, but it may be quite difficult to find the previous votes afterwards. WhatsApp's new feature allows participants to browse a list of all relevant votes by simply clicking "Search" in the "Conversation" interface and selecting the "Vote" option.

Get real-time voting updates

Whenever someone makes a choice in a poll you created, the poll initiator will receive a real-time notification, making it easy to stay up to date on the latest voting activity.


common problem

How to ensure fairness in WhatsApp voting?

To ensure fairness, ensure that each user can only vote once, and that the voting rules and purpose are clearly explained to all participants.


How to optimize user engagement and response rate for WhatsApp polls?

To increase user engagement and response rates, you can take the following measures: customize attractive voting invitation messages, simplify the voting process, ensure the accessibility of the voting link, and send voting invitations at the right time to increase visibility and willingness to participate.

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