Telegram tools you can't miss: Introduction to ten practical Telegram robots

Telegram bots are automated programs based on the Telegram platform that interact with users through the Telegram Bot API to perform a variety of tasks, significantly expanding the functionality of the Telegram app. They're not limited to simple automated tasks like reminder services, weather forecasts, and personal assistants, but can also carry out complex business activities such as customer service, online shopping, content management systems, and more.


Ten Practical Telegram Bots

Mass Messaging Bot SaleSmartly

How to use: Open SaleSmartly - [Mass Messaging], select the Telegram channel, choose the audience and content to send, supporting text, images, attachments, videos, and audio content, then the system can send multiple messages with one click.

Features: Insert variable conditions, including names, phone numbers, emails, to easily achieve customized mass messaging.

Cost: This feature is free of charge.

Click here for a free trial.


Group Management Bot @GroupHelpBot

How to use: Search for GroupHelpBot in Telegram, click start, add the bot to the group you want to manage, set it as an admin, then use the /settings command to set up a series of automated content according to your group's needs, like welcome messages, links to social media accounts or standalone sites, message deletion, user warnings, etc.

For a detailed tutorial, refer to this article.

Features: Meets most basic group management needs and supports custom skins, allowing it to become a channel-specific bot.

Cost: Basic features are free, advanced features cost around $10/month.


Text Extraction Bot @the_ocr_bot

How to use: Send an image to the bot, and it will automatically extract the text from the image.

Features: Helps users extract text information directly from images.

Cost: Free for English, charges apply for other languages.


Official Verification Bot @verifybot

The verification bot, as the name suggests, can add official verification to your group, channel, or bot, signified by a blue checkmark upon successful verification.

How to use: Send at least two of the following active social media accounts that can prove ownership:


Then, you'll also need to submit two articles in English mentioning you or your organization to assist with verification.

For specific requirements, refer to the official verification guide.

Features: A blue checkmark adds professionalism and credibility, but verification can be difficult and requires English articles for support.

Cost: Free of charge.


Translation Bot @Babelgram

How to use: Follow their channel @Babelgram News, then click /start and /inline.

Use the template provided by the official: [Your sentence to translate] from [Original language] to [New language]

Features: Perform language translations directly on Telegram, supporting most mainstream languages.

Cost: Free of charge.


Image Search Bot @Bing Image Search

How to use: Enter @bing + the image you want to find, and the bot will search Bing for images related to the description.

Features: Finds and sends the desired images directly on Telegram.

Cost: Free of charge.


File Conversion Bot @newfileconverterbot

How to use: Send the file you want to convert to the newfileconverterbot, and it will convert the file to the desired format. The supported formats by the bot are listed in the image below.

Features: Easily convert file formats within Telegram, with a Chinese system for convenience.

Cost: Free of charge.


Temporary Email Bot @DropMailBot

How to use: Click the blue box on the left side of the dialogue box, find /get, and the system will send you a temporary email.

Features: A temporary email is an anonymous mailbox that can protect personal privacy and prevent spam. It can be created without providing real information and can be destroyed at any time. However, it's not recommended to use temporary emails to register for important accounts due to stability and security issues.

Cost: Free of charge.


Website Security Check Bot @drwebbot

How to use: Send the website link or file you want to check in the chat box, and the system will feedback whether the link/file has a virus.

Features: With the abundance and variety of information on Telegram, it's best to check any links for viruses before clicking to avoid trouble.

Cost: Free of charge.


Create Your Own Bot @BotFather

How to use: BotFather is a place to create and manage your own bots, with detailed building tutorials available in this article. Once created, developers receive an API token to control the bot and access the Telegram API. These bots can be written in various programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, etc.

Features: Requires some programming skills; you can set up your own bot according to your needs.

Cost: Free of charge.

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