Instagram Blue Tick Certification Tutorial and Conditions

The blue check mark is the identity verification mark used by Instagram , which indicates that your account is authentic and unique. Accounts with a blue check mark are more likely to attract attention on Instagram. Users tend to trust verified accounts because they believe that these accounts have higher authority and credibility. Therefore, for brands, if they want to achieve better marketing results on Instagram, blue check mark verification is an indispensable operation.


How to register as an Instagram business user and obtain blue check certification


1. Go to Instagram’s official website , find “Register Now”, and fill in the following information.


2. After registration is complete, find [Switch to Professional Mode] in Settings


3. Select account type [Merchant] and business category


4. You can choose to disclose some business information based on business needs to facilitate customer contact.


5. Find [Account] in [Settings], click Apply for Certification, and enter relevant account information and upload materials.


6. Fill in your real name and select the document for identity verification as required


7. You also need to verify the popularity of your account. You can submit relevant information based on the following dimensions. Then wait patiently for the review, which will usually be announced within 30 days. It is best to keep your account active during this period.



Instagram blue tick requirements


√Authenticity : It must represent a real individual, registered business or entity

√ Uniqueness: The account must be the only representative account of an individual/enterprise

√Activity : Set to public and include a complete bio, profile picture, and at least one post

Influence : The account has a certain amount of search volume, but there is no fixed value.

Compliance : Comply with Instagram's Terms of Use and Community Guidelines



How to stay active and expand your influence


1. Publish high-quality content

You can improve the quality of your posts by learning some photography and editing techniques. Publishing high-quality pictures, texts and videos will help deepen users' impression of you.


2. Use relevant hashtags

Instagram's tagging function is quite popular. By using relevant tags, you can increase the probability of users discovering your posts on Instagram. Proper use of tags can make your content easier for relevant people to find.


3. Interact with users

Replying to users' comments, DMs and likes in a timely manner can increase users' trust and loyalty to you. Users can connect to SaleSmartly to set up automatic replies. SaleSmartly has added an AI algorithm, and users can trigger preset answers when they mention similar questions. Whether it is IG private messages or comments, they can be automatically triggered to reply to customer questions in a timely manner, so that the account remains active for a long time and does not miss the best marketing time. In addition, SaleSmartly can also realize one-click mass messaging, keep in touch with customers regularly, and promote sales.


4. Participate in activities

Getting involved on Instagram can increase your exposure and we can find contests and events to participate in that are relevant to your brand or personal style.


5. Post regularly

By posting content regularly you can keep your page active so that your posts can appear frequently on your fans' homepages.





The Instagram blue check mark certification process is not difficult, but it should be noted that not every user can obtain the blue check mark. Instagram will evaluate the authenticity, public awareness and importance of the account. Enterprises can first check whether they meet the qualifications based on the above materials. If not, they can post more, interact more, and reply more.

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