Instagram Insights Essentials for 2024

Instagram Insights is a free analytics tool offered by Instagram that helps users better understand their followers and post performance. With this tool, users can access detailed data about their followers, post interactions, and post performance. This enables a deeper insight into the preferences of the target audience, allowing for adjustments in content and positioning strategies.


Functions of Instagram Insights

Activity Tracking

Insights shows how active your account has been over a specific period, including metrics like visits, interactions with posts (such as likes, comments, saves, and shares), and new followers gained.


Content Analysis

You can view performance data for individual posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV videos, such as reach, engagement rates, and views. This helps understand which type of content is most popular and how posting times affect audience engagement.


Audience Insights

Insights provides detailed information about your followers, including their gender, age range, geographic location (by city and country), and when they are most active. This information is crucial for targeting the right audience and optimizing posting times.


Conversion Tracking

If you use Instagram for e-commerce or to drive traffic to other websites, Insights can help track the number of users who click on your website link, purchase link, or any "call to action" button.


Ad Performance

If you advertise on Instagram, Insights can provide performance data for your ads, such as the number of impressions, click-through rates, and expenditure, helping you assess the effectiveness of your ads and adjust your advertising strategy.


Story Analysis

For Instagram Stories, Insights offers not just basic interaction data (such as replies and skips) but also insights into viewer behavior, like whether someone watched the entire story or exited at a particular frame.


Saves and Shares

Insights also lets you know how many people have saved your posts or shared them with others, which is an important metric for gauging the value of your content.


Competitive Analysis

While Insights doesn't directly provide competitor data, you can indirectly assess your market position by analyzing your own data against industry standards or previous performance.



How to Use Instagram Insights

  1. Switch to an Instagram Professional Account

To use Insights, you must first switch to a professional account.

(a) Log into your account homepage and select the settings in the upper right corner.
(b) Click on "Switch to Professional Account" at the bottom in blue.
(c) Choose an account theme based on your business.
(d) Confirm the switch.


  1. Instagram Insights can be found on the homepage or within posts.


Content Included in Instagram Insights

Overall Account

From the account homepage, click on "Insights" to grasp the overall condition of the account, including:


Reach: The number of accounts that have seen your posts.
Interactions: The number of accounts that have liked, commented on, or shared your posts.
Total followers: The total number of followers on your account.

The data shown in the images defaults to the last seven days, but you can also select from multiple time ranges such as 14 days, 30 days, or the previous month.


Click through for more detailed data:

Top-performing content: Lists the best-performing posts.
Profile visits: The number of times users have visited your profile.
Clicks on external links: Data is available if there are links associated with your profile.
• Clicks on company address: Data is available if a company address is associated with your profile.


Post Performance

This differs from the previous section as it focuses on the data for selected posts.


Follower Data

Top locations: The cities where your followers are mainly from.
Age ranges: The age ranges your followers fall into, with the ability to analyze all followers, male followers, or female followers.
Gender ratio: The gender ratio of your followers.
Most active times: When your followers are most active on Instagram.


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