Instant communication: How to quickly integrate the WhatsApp button on your Facebook homepage

Author: Sicily Choi

As the most mainstream communication platform overseas, WhatsApp is an essential channel for cross-border merchants and customers to communicate. Adding the WhatsApp button to the Facebook homepage not only allows customers to have a direct channel to contact the merchant, but also enhances the customer service experience and improves the brand image. This article uses a few simple steps to integrate the WhatsApp button on the Facebook homepage, allowing customers to contact you instantly with one click.


What is the WhatsApp Button?

The WhatsApp button is a convenient feature that can be integrated into your Facebook public page , allowing customers to start a WhatsApp conversation with you with one click. You can talk directly to customers without having to frequently switch between Facebook and WhatsApp platforms. By simplifying the communication process between customers and businesses, your service team can respond to customer inquiries faster than ever before and solve problems quickly. Whether customers are using the WhatsApp app on their mobile phone or the WhatsApp web version on their computer , they can directly initiate a conversation. This seamless way of interaction not only speeds up response time, but also helps to increase their trust in the business and build business relationships .


Call-to-action buttons perform a specific action when customers click or tap:

  • Send Message
  • Send WhatsApp message
  • Book now
  • Go shopping
  • send email


How to add WhatsApp button on Facebook?

What you need to add the WhatsApp button


How to add WhatsApp button

1. Go to the Facebook public page management page and find [Settings]


2. Find [Permissions] - [Bound Account]


3. Enter the WhatsApp phone number and enter the verification code received on WhatsApp as prompted


4. After the binding is successful, the official will ask you whether you need to add a WhatsApp button on your Facebook public page. Select [Add Button] here.


Link multiple WhatsApp accounts to your Facebook Page

In some cases, companies may face a large number of WhatsApp inquiries or have multiple employees who need to manage the same Facebook public page at the same time. In response to this need, Facebook provides a flexible feature that allows companies to link multiple WhatsApp accounts to their Facebook public pages.

Note: You can connect up to 50 WhatsApp accounts to Facebook, and only one of them can be used for the WhatsApp button.



How to effectively manage information from multiple channels?

In actual operation, whether it is processing Facebook public pages or WhatsApp messages, you need to open many web pages or even switch many accounts each time, which not only greatly reduces work efficiency, but also increases the risk of missing important information. Moreover, frequent login and exit of multiple accounts is likely to trigger the security mechanism, resulting in the adverse consequences of temporary or permanent account ban.

To solve these problems, SaleSmartly provides a one-stop solution. As an omnichannel customer communication platform , SaleSmartly is able to integrate multiple channels such as Livechat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Email and WeChat. With SaleSmartly, companies can manage messages from all channels on a single control panel, enabling efficient information processing and a smoother customer service experience. This centralized approach not only improves response speed, but also ensures the integrity and security of information, allowing companies to focus on providing excellent customer service.


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