Seamless switching: How to migrate your LINE account to a new device

Author: Sicily Choi

In Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other regions, LINE is not only a highly popular instant messaging application, but also a core platform for millions of users to communicate in daily life and work. Faced with the continuous updating and replacement of user devices, how to seamlessly migrate LINE accounts to new devices is a situation that many users need to face. This is related to the consistency of user experience and also involves the security and privacy protection of personal data. This article will provide a precise guide to help LINE users migrate their accounts safely and efficiently when changing phones or dealing with device failures.



Requirements for migrating your LINE account

Any of the following conditions will suffice:

- Keep the old device that held the account before migration, and the old device can log in to the LINE account

- A phone number has been linked to the LINE account and a password has been set

- Apple ID/Google account has been synchronized with LINE account


How to migrate your LINE account

1. Prepare before migrating your LINE account

Please confirm that the following information is set to the latest information on the device before migrating your account.

(1) Confirm your phone number

(2) Confirm your email address

(3) Confirm your password?

(4) Have you synchronized your Apple ID or Google account ?


2. Migrate LINE account

You can migrate your LINE account using any of the following methods:

(1) Open LINE on the new device and tap [Log in].

(2) Log in using the QR code and scan the QR code]

(3) Open LINE on the device you want to migrate your account from, and tap [Settings] - [Backup & Migration] - [Quick Migration QR Code].

(4) Use the new device to scan the QR code on the old device


Sign in on the new device using the same phone number.


After launching LINE on the new device, select [Sign in using another method] - [Continue with Apple] - [Continue with Apple]


After launching LINE on the new device, select [Sign in using another method] - [Continue with Google] - [Continue with Google]


How to back up LINE accounts when migrating?

1. Set up chat history backup

Before backing up, confirm the following:

- iCloud Drive/Google Drive is turned on

- Sufficient space on iCloud Drive/ Google Drive

Specific operations:

(1) Find [Settings] - [Backup and transfer] - [Chat history backup]

(2) Click "Backup frequency"


2. Set a backup personal code

The backup PIN is a password used to transfer chat history when migrating your LINE account. Even if you haven't backed up your account in advance, you can migrate the last 14 days of chat history by setting a backup PIN .


How to set up LINE backup personal identification code:

(1) Go to [Settings] - [Backup & Transfer] - [Chat History Backup] / [Backup and Restore Chat History]

(2) Click [Back up now]/[Create a backup PIN and back up chat history]

(3) Enter a 6-digit password



How to restore the backup after migrating LINE account?

LINE users on iOS

(1) Turn on iCloud Drive

(2) Complete the process of transferring your LINE account on the new device

(3) When the chat history restoration page is displayed, click [Restore chat history].


LINE users using Android

(1) Open LINE and go to [Settings] - [Backup & Transfer] - [Backup and Restore Chat History].

(2) Click [Restore]


How to sync LINE account information across multiple devices?

When faced with the need to frequently switch devices or use multiple devices to manage the same LINE account, the omnichannel customer communication platform SaleSmartly can help you. SaleSmartly has the ability to integrate multiple social media accounts, including but not limited to Livechat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Email, and WeChat. This means that team members do not need to log in and out repeatedly to switch devices. They can manage a LINE account on multiple devices at the same time, greatly optimizing the workflow.

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