Secure communication: How to prevent and resolve Telegram account theft?

Author: Sicily Choi

Telegram is a software that has always been known for its excellent security and privacy protection features. However, even so, Telegram accounts may still be hacked and stolen. The theft of Telegram accounts will not only infringe on personal privacy, but may also cause financial losses and reputation damage to the company.

This article will start with how to identify a stolen Telegram account and tell you how to respond quickly after discovering that your Telegram account has been stolen. By raising awareness and preparation for these potential risks, it will help users better protect their Telegram accounts.


Common methods of hacking Telegram accounts

Phishing Attacks

Attackers often use some phishing techniques to trick users into providing their personal information for logging in . They may send official-looking emails or messages to guide users to click malicious links, and then let users enter their account information or scan QR codes on the fake Telegram login page to defraud accounts.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack ( MITM )

The attackers intercepted the communication between the user and Telegram servers. If the user accessed Telegram through an unsecured Wi-Fi network, the attackers could capture the logged-in information and steal it.

Account information leakage

If a user uses the same password across multiple services and one of them suffers a data breach, attackers could try to use the leaked information to hack into the user's other Telegram accounts.

Malware and Spyware

By infecting the user's device with malware, attackers can remotely monitor the user's activities, record the user's keystrokes when logging into Telegram, and even directly steal Telegram's access token.

Social Engineering

Attackers may exploit human trust or curiosity to trick users into revealing their account information or performing actions such as clicking on malicious links or downloading suspicious attachments.


Signs of a hacked Telegram account

Login Issues

If you suddenly cannot log into your Telegram account, especially if you are sure that your login information is correct, there is a high possibility that your account has been stolen.

Friends receive abnormal messages

If your friends start receiving messages that are not from you or that contain suspicious links and unusual content, your account may have been taken over by someone else.

Unauthorized Activities

If you notice changes in your Telegram account that you didn't make, such as changes to your profile, password, username, or other important settings, this may indicate that someone has logged into your account without authorization.

Receive verification code

Receiving a verification code notification without attempting to log in could be a sign that someone is trying to hack into your Telegram account. This is a warning sign that someone is trying to log into your account via SMS or phone verification.


How to deal with Telegram account theft

1. Try to recover your account immediately

You can try to visit Telegram's account recovery page or use the "Forgot Password" function in the app to change a new password. Then follow the prompts and enter your phone number to receive a recovery code or further instructions.

If you cannot change your password, log out of your account on the Telegram official page to avoid greater losses.


2. Notify contacts

Then inform friends, clients and other contacts through other channels (such as phone, email or other social media platforms) to inform them that your Telegram account may have been hacked and ask them to ignore any suspicious or unusual messages.

3. Contact Telegram support

Report your account hack to Telegram's official support team so they can help you recover your account as quickly as possible. You can contact them via email or in the Telegram app.


Telegram official support website:

Telegram app: Search @TelegramSupport (if you can still log in to your account)

How to prevent Telegram account from being stolen

Strong password policy

Use a long, complex password that combines uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Try to avoid using easily guessed passwords, such as birthdays or pure numbers.

Enable two-step verification

Enable two-step verification (two-factor authentication) in Telegram settings to add an extra layer of security to your Telegram account. After enabling two-step verification, Telegram will require you to enter a new password when logging in from a new device.

Update security settings regularly

Regularly review and update your security settings, including your password and two-step verification password.

Stay alert

Be wary of any suspicious emails or messages asking for your login information. Do not click on links from unknown sources! Do not download untrusted attachments!

Use a secure network connection

Avoid using Telegram on public Wi-Fi or unsecured networks. If you must use it, consider using a VPN to encrypt data transfer.


common problem

Why is it possible to hack accounts even though Telegram has end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption can protect account messages from being read by third parties, but the account itself may still be stolen due to password leaks, phishing attacks, or device security vulnerabilities. Therefore, in addition to relying on Telegram's encryption function, users also need to take other security measures.


If I use two-factor authentication, can my Telegram account still be hacked?

Two-factor authentication greatly improves the security of your account, but it is not absolutely safe. Social engineering, SIM card swapping attacks and other means may still be able to bypass two-factor authentication, so always be vigilant!


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