Telegram group creation and cleaning strategies: Help you achieve higher conversion rates

The activity of groups and channels in Telegram is usually directly related to brand visibility and user engagement. In order to enhance activity, employees can use some marketing methods, such as "stirring up groups" and "washing up groups". This article will start with the two strategies of "stirring up groups" and "washing up groups" on Telegram, analyze their implementation methods, potential effects and related risks, and provide bosses with a brand new marketing method!


Telegram group speculation strategy

"Group speculation" refers to employees increasing the activity of a group by managing and operating multiple accounts in the group. To give a simple example, an employee holds more than a dozen accounts, and these accounts are in the same group. Although the actual operator is the same, other people in the group think they are different users. Employees use these accounts to sing the same tune in the group, appearing to be real passers-by, with the purpose of attracting other potential consumers in the group. In addition, high activity will also promote conversion rates. Compared with tough and direct promotion, the soft advertising method of "group speculation" will be more convincing.

Tips for Telegram group speculation

  • Keep the conversation as daily as possible

Don’t oversell your product, or you’ll be easily discovered to be a scammer! Keep the conversation as casual as possible, like chatting with friends.


  • Tell me more about your feelings after using it

Instead of directly praising the functions of the product, you can talk more about the feeling after using it, which is more real.


  • You can tailor content to the audience in your group

Start conversations based on the information that potential consumers in the group are most concerned about, and talk about the features they need most, so as to maximize consumer interest.


  • Don't talk to yourself

If other users are speaking in the group, you should respond to them in a timely manner and not just talk to yourself. The purpose of "stirring up the group" is to increase activity, so you must respond to other users more often.


  • suitable time

Do it when everyone is more free to increase the chances of users seeing it.


How to trade in Telegram groups

1. Register multiple Telegram accounts . Currently, Telegram can be registered with a Chinese mobile phone number. If you need a foreign IP number, you can try using a code receiving platform.

If the registration fails, you can try another device.



2. Integrate these accounts into the SaleSmartly backend. All accounts will be integrated on the same operation panel, and there is no need to switch accounts multiple times .


Manual Operation

Then you can select any account as needed to quickly respond to or initiate a conversation in the group chat to boost the atmosphere in the group. This method not only provides a rich interactive experience for group members, but also greatly improves operational efficiency, ensuring that while maintaining high activity, it can also maintain efficient and smooth community management.


Automated Operation

If you need to operate multiple groups at one time, you can directly set up group messaging in the SaleSmartly backend . You can achieve conversations by setting up group messaging in different accounts. It should be noted that each message needs a certain time difference. If all are sent at the same time, it may be exposed.


  • Sending audience: You can directly filter out the groups that need to be operated (try not to select too many groups at one time).
  • Sending content: supports text, pictures, attachments, videos, audio and other forms.
  • Sending frequency: In order to avoid sending a large amount of information at one time, which will affect the account weight, you can set the sending frequency.
  • Sending time: If you want to set a time difference, you can solve it by sending at a scheduled time.


After setting up the group message, we need to monitor the group information in real time. In case a user joins the conversation, we also need to respond to the user's questions in a timely manner. This can also improve the authenticity of our "group speculation".


How to clean up a group in Telegram

After a certain period of "stirring up the group", we can roughly classify the users in the group, which ones are in urgent need of the product, which ones are interested, and which ones are lurking users. We can use some trial activities, discount activities, etc. to create another group for the first two types of customers who are more likely to achieve conversion. This is called "washing the group".

The purpose of "cleaning the group" is to convert and filter out effective customers. It is the process of cleaning inactive or irrelevant members in the Telegram group. Make sure all members are active and interested in the group topic, so that you can focus more on these customers in the future, try to avoid ineffective marketing, and sell combs to monks.


common problem

What is the legality of Telegram group speculation?

The legality of Telegram group manipulation depends on the method and purpose used. Using fake accounts or bots to artificially increase group activity may violate Telegram's terms of use and may also cause long-term damage to the group's brand reputation.


How to identify fake members or bots in Telegram groups?

Fake members or robots usually do not have real profiles, rarely or never participate in group conversations, and may leave the group immediately after joining. You can also use some specialized tools or software to analyze the behavior patterns of group members to help identify these inactive accounts. So when setting up, try to add more information to make the account appear more authentic.

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