What to do if WhatsApp is blocked? This article will teach you how to easily unblock it!

As one of the most popular social media channels abroad, more and more users choose to socialize on WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp allows users to send messages to each other without adding friends, more and more companies or foreign trade sales teams have begun to use WhatsApp for marketing activities.

However, WhatsApp accounts can be easily blocked, especially in the following situations: accounts registered with virtual cards or second-hand SIM cards; sending a large number of group messages or creating and joining groups in batches in a short period of time; being reported or blocked by customers; and newly registered accounts frequently adding strangers as friends.

It is not easy to create and operate a WhatsApp account. If your WhatsApp account is blocked, the chat records with customers will be lost, which may lead to the interruption of cooperation. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, we need to apply for unblocking. Here I will share with you the method of unblocking WhatsApp. If you encounter a similar situation when using WhatsApp, you can use this method to unblock it.

Steps to unblock WhatsApp

1. Search for [Customer Support]

When you try to log in to a blocked account, a page like this will appear:

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At this time we should click [Customer Support].

2. Fill out the unblocking application (with template attached)

When you jump to this page:

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In the "Please describe the problem you are experiencing" field, enter the reason why you want to appeal your account and explain the specific situation.

We also have a complaint template for you to use here:

Dear Sir/Madam,

My account has been banned on WhatsApp and I do not know what might be reason, please help me to recover my account.

My whatsapp No is+86 XXXX

Thank you!

(Note: There is no standard template for this, but it is best to directly point out the problem you are facing and the result you hope to achieve)

After completion, you can attach a screenshot as proof of the blockage, and then click [Next] to jump to the email page.

3. Send email

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(Note: When you jump to the sending mailbox, do not delete the second half of the email body "support info" and the following content, because this is a problem that the system automatically reports to WhatsApp officials)

After completing the above steps, your mobile phone system will automatically recognize your mobile phone's email address, fill in the recipient account: support@whatsapp.com , and send the default email to WhatsApp's support center. Within half an hour, you will receive an official email from WhatsApp support in your mailbox, and your WhatsApp account can be used normally! What needs to be noted here is to confirm that there is a default logged-in email address on your mobile phone that can support system recognition and sending.

Finally, I will teach you few tips to prevent blocking:

  • Keep the account active and simulate real user usage
  • Add some old WhatsApp users
  • Comply with WhatsApp Business Rules
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