Can't receive WhatsApp verification code? Here are the reasons and solutions!

Looking to sign up or log in to your WhatsApp account? Typed in your phone number and anxiously waiting for that verification code, but it just won't show up? The common scenarios usually include the following:

  • Can't receive the SMS verification code, even after multiple attempts to resend, it's still a no-show.
  • Tried getting the code via the "Call Me" option, but no voice call came through.
  • The "Call Me" button is grayed out, unclickable, or unresponsive.
  • The call goes through, but there's dead silence, and then it drops after 30 seconds; or, you hear "Your verification code is..." and then it cuts off.
  • On the WhatsApp screen, the "Call Me" option has vanished, leaving only the button to resend the SMS.

These situations correspond to different verification issues. Next, we'll slowly dissect and provide targeted solutions to help you log in to WhatsApp ASAP.


Factors Preventing Receipt of WhatsApp Verification Codes


WhatsApp isn't up to date or it's not the official version

If you're continuously not receiving the code during login, try updating WhatsApp first. With its rapid update cycle, an outdated version could be the culprit.
Alternatively, software downloaded from places other than the official website or Google Play might also be the problem.


IP is within China

When logging in, it's best to use a VPN tool, opting for servers in the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, etc., and enabling the global mode. Because having an IP address within China can also hinder the reception of the verification code. If your IP checks out as foreign, you're golden. If it's still showing as domestic, then you're not in global mode yet.


Account is blocked

If your account is blocked, you'll need to reach out to the official channels for unblocking. For a detailed tutorial on this, check out: "What to do if your WhatsApp is blocked? This article shows you how to unblock easily!" 


Issues with the phone

Some phone brands are particularly strict about this, so try logging in with a different phone.


Frequent logins/logouts with multiple accounts

Employees often juggle multiple WhatsApp accounts, requiring frequent logins and logouts. This can affect the 'weight' of the account, leading to slow or failed code reception over time.


Solutions if You Can't Receive WhatsApp Verification Codes

After ruling out the factors above, if you're still code-less, try the following:


Opt for voice verification

If you've only tried SMS verification, give voice verification a shot by clicking "Call Me." The success rate with voice tends to be higher.
If you've tried voice verification and didn't receive a call, check if your phone can receive international calls. Common reasons for not being able to receive calls include:

  1. Auto-blocking software installed on the phone, which may mistake WhatsApp's international verification calls for spam or scam calls.
  2. The phone number may not be set up to receive international calls.
  3. Some carriers may implement different control measures for international calls based on the city and time, so try changing your location or be patient and attempt multiple times.

Switch to an overseas number/new device for login

If the "Call Me" button is missing on WhatsApp, switch to a new overseas number or device. If the problem is solved, then your device was the issue. If the button is there, it's likely a problem with the phone number.
For overseas numbers, the simplest way is to use a code-receiving platform.


Switch WhatsApp to the English version

Try setting WhatsApp to English and disable the permission to access your location.


Integrate multiple WhatsApp accounts with a tool

If the issue is having multiple accounts, it's best to use integration software like SaleSmartly to consolidate multiple WhatsApp accounts into one backend. This solves the pain point of frequently switching accounts, and all account info can be directly synced, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.


Message WhatsApp official customer service

If none of the methods above work, be patient as it could be a system issue. If it's still unresolved after a few days, contact WhatsApp's official customer service.

Template as follows:

Dear WhatsApp Support,

I am unable to receive the verification code needed to access my WhatsApp account. Below are my details and the steps I've taken:

Phone: [Your Full Phone Number with Country Code]
Device: [Your Device Model]
Issue: No SMS or call received for verification.

I've double-checked my number, confirmed network service, and ensured no blocks on international calls/SMS. Multiple attempts to resend the code have failed.

Please help me resolve this issue as it is critical for my communication.

Thank you,

[Your Full Name]



Is there a limit to the number of attempts for requesting a WhatsApp verification code?

Yes, for security reasons, WhatsApp limits the number of attempts for sending verification codes. If you've tried multiple times unsuccessfully, you may be temporarily locked out. In this case, wait for the specified time before trying again. It's advisable to check for all possible issues in the meantime to ensure successful receipt of the code on your next attempt.

Why can't I use the WhatsApp verification code received on my old phone to verify on my new phone?

WhatsApp verification codes are generated based on your phone number and the current device. If you switch to a new phone, you need to request a new code on the new device. Make sure to install WhatsApp on your new phone and request the code using the same phone number. Codes received on the old phone won't work for verification on the new device.

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